Thursday, August 27, 2015

Happy Birthday, Ellen!

Today our Ellen is 21! How can that be??? Her birth has quite a was long, it was HARD. But this girl has been our reward  =) I confess to asking God why she couldn't have been a typical kid.....I still don't know why. But, I would never give her back! She has brought us great joy, just as all our kids have. She has been challenging at times, just as all our kids have. Love her SO much!!

This collection of photos show our girl with things she loves.
Left - Aaron's Acres camp picnic. 
She had such a great two weeks at camp again this summer.
Top Right - Passing Dover Speedway in DE on the way to the beach. 
She loves NASCAR. She loves Jeff Gordon!
Bottom Right - Ellen loves the beach!!

Last evening we attended a Barnstormers game, our local baseball team. Ellen loves going there. She especially loves this guy.....

Cylo came to greet her almost as soon as we got there!
She loves this funny guy ♥

What a pretty night for a baseball game.

These guys in yellow had a good night.
The team is from York....just across the river.
Tension was high and tempers flared.
Some calls didn't seem correct but what the umpire calls is what stands!

 Our team played hard. But lost it big time in the 13th inning.

Ellen has some ice cream at the game...of course!

It was a late night. We finally left at 11:45. It was still the top of the 13th, our team had another chance to play. But they were messing up so badly; the other team was making good on those mess ups. There was not a chance they would win. And it was late!! We still had a good time!

Today Ellen picked out an ice cream cake at Dairy Queen. We will order pizza for dinner. It's another good day!

Happy Birthday, Ellen!!


Linda E said...

What a very special girl she is, and I know she has blessed everyone around her. Loved the pictures of things she enjoys and wishing her a Happy Birthday.

Mari said...

Happy Birthday to Ellen! Looks like she's had lots of fun celebrating. :)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Our best wishes to Ellen on her 21st and looks like she had a great time at the ball game, especially seeing her friend, the mascot.

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday to your BEAUTIFUL daughter! I know that she blesses you daily! She looks like she had a wonderful time at the game! Gorgeous night sky picture! Have a blessed day dear Doris, BIG HUGS and birthday wishes coming Ellen's way!

Susan said...

Doris, you are amazing! Ellen and your family are so blessed to have you --- you make every day wonderful for your loves... and it shows how much you are loved & appreciated... Blessings and hugs for you, dear friend!

White Lace and Promises said...

I'm sure she's brought more to your life than you can tell of. She's precious! I feel like I know your family from your stories.

Karen said...

It looks like Ellen had a fun time on her big day!! Happy Birthday to a lovely young woman!