Friday, July 24, 2015

Sister Weekend 2015

Like I already said, our time together was wonderful. My sister Jean did a wonderful job writing and posting pictures on her blog here. Here's my story =)

Barb had arrived from Idaho to PA on Thursday. She stayed with Mary Ellen over night then went to our Step-Mother, Mary, to visit the next day. Mary Ellen came to my house to pick me up before lunch. We went to Mary's house to have "lunch" with Barb and Mary. That lunch was a full-blown dinner! I was not expecting that....bless our dear Mary's heart! She is a great cook and even in her 80's can set out a fabulous meal!!

After filling our bellies, Barb and I started towards State College, PA to Jeanie's house. What a wonderful time spent with Barb during the drive. Barb and I are only 13 months apart in age and have always been close. We shared a bedroom and a bed growing up. That's how you did it in a big family =)

We were the first to arrive. Jeanie made up a delicious dinner. Betty was next to arrive. She drove all day from her home in New Hampshire. Mary Ellen and our SIL Nancy picked Rose up at the Harrisburg airport before making their way to Jeanie's house. Rose lives in GA.. Jeanie kept feeding us as more sisters arrived.

Here we are, gathered in Jeanie's cute little kitchen nook. 
You can believe the conversation and the laughter was already in full force!

After filling our bellies, we relaxed in Jeanie's comfortable living room for some reading of the Sister Diaries. Jeanie has recorded past Sister Weekends on paper and we love to hear, remember, and LAUGH deep belly laughs.

 Jeanie reads. We relax and laugh ♥

We decide it's time for sleep. We old ladies seem to need that more of that than in our younger years.....most of us anyway! The night was a stormy one. Thunder and lightning and rain most of the night. 

The next morning Jeanie made wonderful pancakes, sausage, and blueberry syrup. She even made me some gluten free pancakes! They were delicious.

After cleaning up we piled into Betty van for some sightseeing. Jeanie drove since she knew where everything was =)

All aboard!

Nancy has her camera!
That's a good thing.

Our first stop was the Arboretum. Mary Ellen and I have been there two times previously when it was Springtime. It was beautiful in the summer as well, but very hot!

The flowers were very beautiful!

Nancy snaps away ☺

We tried to take a break out of the sun wherever we could. 

Barb, Jeanie, Betty, just relaxing =)

Baby sister Rose. 
Rosie, to me, forever ♥

So we came upon this big display of succulents. They all thought it was beautiful and said how they love succulents. I thought it was nice, but I'm not in love. I said so......

....that guy on the bench seems rather amused by this group of women!

Yup, he's back there just grinning!

 Does the conversation between these ladies ever stop?

(and may it always be so!)

The fountain was beautiful as was the sky.

We piled into the van again, drove around the Penn State campus, then headed to a wonderful Mexican Restaurant. By then it was mid afternoon and we had this room to ourselves.

Conversation never ending.
Love these ladies, my sisters!!

We were right across from a nice Mall and some of us desired a bit of Retail Therapy =) Some went shopping and the rest of the group relaxed at tables and, you guessed it, talked!!

From there, we drove to the beautiful wooded property belonging to Jean's son and his family. WOW, such beauty!!

And this doesn't even show the fabulous barn.
This is an amazing place to call Home.

We relaxed on the porch after touring the spacious home.

Picture me reclining on that bench. I spent considerable time there =)

We toured the barn before leaving.

The barn.
Told you it was beautiful!
(Nancy pic)

One last picture of all of us before we leave.

Was our day now finished? Not on your life! One more stop for ice cream at the famous creamery by Penn State campus. It has the best ice cream! I had Paterno Peach again. Love it!

Was it then time for bed? Not on your life!! It was time for veggies and dips and chips and junk....and a movie! We all stayed awake till it was over after 1 in the morning! Then it was time for bed.

Sunday morning was slow and wonderful. We ate, we talked, we sang! We sounded way good, if I must say so myself. Jeanie was at the piano and the rest of us gathered around her. Glorious!

All too soon it was time to say goodbye. Rose had a plane to catch. Mary Ellen took her to the airport. Nancy rode with Betty to :Lancaster County. She was staying at her house overnight after a visit to our Mary and drove back home on Monday. Barb and I drove to my house. She got to meet and hold Noah =) Then she visited with Mary again and slept at Mary Ellen's again. On Tuesday she flew back home, taking her elderly in-laws with her. They wanted one more trip to their sons farm. Who can blame them. It's an amazing place. 

So here it is, one week later. Memories have been swirling in my head all week. I'm so thankful for family. I'm so thankful for the love we share for each other. Really, we know we are blessed and don't want to take it for granted. Ever. 


Jean Stauffer said...

Awesome to read your take on things and to see your pics. It's good our stories agree, haha!! I did completely forget about those LOUD storms that first night. All the time today I keep thinking that I wish this were last Friday and you girls were coming.

Doris said...

The link may not be working. Check out What's up with the Stauffer's on my sidebar ....that's where the link is to take you....

Doris said...

How nice, Jeanie, that my memory got it right, hahaha!! I, too, wish it were last week....

Linda E said...

What a wonderful group of sisters. I am an only child, so I envy you with your family. I enjoyed seeing your 'tour' and I know any more memories were made. God less all of you.

Anonymous said...

What a fun and action packed time you guys had. I love the photos and the great smiles. What a blessing to have shared this time with each other. Thanks for sharing with your extended blog family!

White Lace and Promises said...

I enjoyed your day. I'm almost in tears. I've always wanted a big close family. I miss my sister but will see her next weekend. I'm gonna take lots of pictures.

Mari said...

I loved reading about your time together both here and on Jeans blog. Time with sisters is the best and I can only imagine how much laughter happened!

Theresa said...

What a wonderful time with your loved ones! Nothing better! I love all of the pretty plants! Have a blessed day! I know you are making plans for the next time to get together with your beautiful family! HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

You all certainly had a fun filled time together and next year the Sister Diaries will contain news of this year's outings.