Monday, April 13, 2015

Here I sit...

It's Monday and I have a house FULL of work. 
But here I sit....

No leaves yet but today is beautiful!! 

My second cup of coffee :)

The birds are singing. 
The neighbor is moving his lawn. 
I heard a chain saw a while ago. 
It's the kind of day that everyone has been waiting for, so it seems!
After days and days of temps in the 40's with rain and drizzle, who wouldn't want to be outside if they can. 

Look who visited outside my back door this morning. 

So pretty!

And look what blooms. 

Love it!

Nothing says Spring quite like pansies do. 

Bowls filled with pansies fit perfectly in the blue pots while the weather warms. 

This week will be busy with last minite baby shower planning/ preparation. Baby Boy Fahnestock will soon be here! We are very anxious for his arrival....the most anxious is his Mommy, for sure. Baby shower is on Sunday. Then, baby can come :)  he has a few more weeks to grow yet, but we know babies don't always wait. Thank you for keeping Mommy and baby in your prayers. 

Zoe's baby doll is trying out the latest yard sale find :)

Blessings for your day!


Theresa said...

It is good to just sit sometimes and try to forget all that needs to be done:) I am doing the same thing! Enjoy your day dear friend! Can't wait for the baby to arrive:) Ours is coming soon too! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Anxiously awaiting your and Theresa's grandbabies! So happy you are enjoying the porch....your porch reminds me so of the one we shared with mother...good memories. Rainy here today and I am in no mood to clean!

Anonymous said...

correction: I realize it is not Theresa's grandbaby that is due....sorry.

Linda E said...

What an exciting time, and busy too. The waiting is the hardest part, but at least it wont be too much longer. Prayers for all.

Mari said...

Sunshine and happiness! Hooray for that new baby arriving soon. That was a great yard sale find!

Doris said...

Your comment made me chuckle, Mildred! Yes we know it's not a Grandbaby forTheresa.....but she loves her sister's kids so much and is so involved in their lives. I'm sure her sis is ok with sharing the title :))