Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Nice Day

You know it's a nice day when -

1. You see a kid on a bike. 

Zoe goes for a stroll. 

She's saying, See you later, Nana!

2. A kid and his dad play ball. 

They had a good time! 

3. You eat your dinner on the porch!!

My FAVORITE place to eat with the family!

4. You relax on the swing. 

Relaxing :) 

Zoe decides to relax with me. Nice!

Today is cooler and rainy. We have to take time to enjoy the nice ones as we get them =)


Jean Stauffer said...

So happy, happy, happy for Spring!!!!!

Karen said...

What a joy to be able to get outside. I know the kids are happy!!

Mildred said...

Nice to see you all enjoying springtime.

Linda E said...

You had a very nice day for sure. No stress and sweet family around.

Joy said...

so wonderful day;)

Mari said...

What a wonderful day! Hooray for Spring. :)

Theresa said...

Nothing sweeter than little ones playing outside, giggling and enjoying the sunshine! I love eating on the porch and by the pool:) Have a blessed week dear Doris, HUGS!