Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! (and more Christmas pics)

It's 2015! We had plans for New Year's Eve but plans were changed. It's been a week of sickness at our house. And at the houses of each of our kids. So far Ellen and I have escaped the cold, fever, and coughing. But, we were the only ones to have upset stomachs.  It's been quite a week!

Christmas Day continued -
Our family gathered later on Christmas Day to eat dinner at 4:00. Several of the kids have meals earlier in the day with the family of their spouse. It works for us!

What a blessing this house was for our gathering this year! I dreamed of a space big enough for this...

Isn't this just awesome??

And this, too...
Sweet :)

Brinley wanted to sit with her Mommy...and eat her food :)

The menu doesn't change much from year to year. Last year I made a chicken cordon bleu casserole. This year I made the real chicken cordon bleu. Lynn said it was good last year but he really enjoys the real one! 

Gotcha, Scott! Lots of laughter around our table :)

Clean up was quick. I use paper plates and cups. 
The kids always look forward to what's next. Gifts for the kiddos!

Carson gets the first one because he's the youngest!

Aidan likes the case for his Matchbox cars and Brinley likes her suitcase on wheels!

We gave Zoe new Barbie doll clothes. 

Paityn opens a gift. It's a Flashpad. 

Ellen was thrilled to find money in one of her gifts! She also found more PB cups in some of her gifts. She's a happy girl!

Handsome Grandson Andrew gets a gift from Nana and Pop Pop too. 

After the kids opened their gifts, it was time for the adult gift exchange. 

Ellen finds a sweater and gloves from Corey. 

Marcy likes the purse from Ellen. 
(I liked it sooo much that I almost didn't wrap it...!)

Scott had Kim's name....his gift will always bring tears from laughing so hard. He didn't disappoint her!

Part of Christy's gift was a jar of pickles! Prego Christy loves pickles!!

We take a break to eat dessert....
Fruit salad and LOADS of cookies,onion pretzels, and a white chocolate covered cereal mix. 

Then it's time for the Annual Fahnestock Now You Have It, Now You Don't game. It's always tons of fun. I call the numbers so I don't  take pictures during the game. After everyone's numbers are called, we open our chosen gift and the laughter erupts!

Uh oh, what does Andrew have??

Re-gifted PINK hot booties....I think we saw those 2 years ago!! Sorry, Andrew!

Kim's gift :) that looks interesting!!

Christy's Word Search shower curtain!!! Oh my!

Marcy's gift :) just in case she can't reach the goodies! 

So sorry, Derek! It was his first time to play this game and he ends up with re-gifted pink footie pajamas! Too funny !!

Paityn loves her Duck Dynesty whatever it is :) Aidan takes a look at his 'empty' cereal box!

We had a wonderful time. It's crazy, it's loud, it's filled with several conversations going at once, sometimes it's filled with kids crying. But, it's always filled with just what makes  this Mom's/Nana's cup full to overflowing. God has surely blessed us!! 


Jean Stauffer said...

What a great Christmas Day! Being able to seat your family like that is an amazing blessing!!! Hope you're all feeling better.

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, what a fun time! I love the funny gift exchange:) Have a blessed New Year dear friend! HUGS!