Monday, January 5, 2015

First Monday in a New Year

As I stated in the last post, we were a sick house for more than a week. Illness usually doesn't find it's way to us (that is, hubby and me) but it did this time. Hubby had a very hard time getting over the flu, guessing that's what he had. He has a lingering   cough but did go to work today. Aidan and Zoe went to school and Corey went to work. He is still coughing as he has been for more than 3 weeks. Christy and Gina worked today too. 

I enjoyed a quiet morning after an appointment for Ellen at 8:30. We don't usually schedule that early but there was an opening and since Ellen worked later today rather than go to school, we decided to take it. It worked for us, this time....but it was at a new location which was in a totally different part of York.....a bit stressful. We found it with little trouble.
I enjoyed some quiet after we got home again. ....

The sun was lovely. But it is cold and windy out there!!

Some of Christmas went away at our house today. I intended to wait till later this week but today seemed like a good day to start. So start, I did. Tomorrow I'll dust and sweep. It feels good to clean areas I couldn't get to or have time to get to for awhile. 

In other news -------

On New Year's Eve....
Ellen, Gina and I escaped the sick house and drove to our home town to see Christmas lights. All our plans to celebrate the new year had changed because of illness. Bummer!!

One stop we made was at the Krasley's. Their show is always spectacular!

Of course we drove through the town square of Manheim several times!

A terrible pic...I just couldn't get a good shot of this beautiful square. 

was the Fahnestock family Christmas. Several of Dale's family from Maine came for the gathering. Unfortunately, Dale did not go. He was still coughing and decided to keep his germs at home. Corey stayed home too. 

We always enjoy a wonderful meal in the basement at Grandma and Nancy's home. After the meal the kids know what's next! Aidan said that Nancy gives the BEST gifts! He doesn't know, but Aunt Nancy gives money to the parents and asks them to choose something the child would like :) 

Brinley wanted to sit on Mommy to open her gift.

Aidan looks pleased with his gift!

Zoe tears through the wrapping to find something special too :)

Paityn loves games!

It's so much fun to see all the children open their gifts.....and it doesn't seem that long ago when it was our children in the middle taking their turns. Now it's our Grands. 

Brinley is usually shy around adults she doesn't know well. Here she is allowing Great Uncle Marlin to hold the box while she picks up puzzle pieces. It was so sweet!

Brinley loves Carson! She wipes his mouth :) these little ones make my heart pitter-patter. 

Aidan loves Carson too. He is very excited that the new baby to come to his family in May will be a brother!! I told Aidan that he will have something his daddy never had. And did his daddy ever want a brother.... All he got was more sisters :)

I got up and thought I would make a dish of something (sigh) to take for the meal after church. Yes, that was the plan. But I felt completely spent. I have made food for days and days and making more food was just not gonna happen. And getting dressed up and out the door wasn't gonna happen either. Sometimes rest is best, even on the fist day of the week. We stayed in and rested. It was good!

Here it is, the end of the first Monday of a new year. Snow was in the forecast for tomorrow. I'll have to check the 11:00 news to see what's to come. 

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate those who take time to read my ramblings :)  Leaving a comment makes my day....go ahead, let me know you are reading! 


Jean Stauffer said...

You know I read!

I think I managed to nip my cold in the bud. I felt good today, just a bit of rattling in my chest sometimes. Dick has a pretty deep chest cough.

I haven't removed anything Christmas yet. Maybe this weekend.

elaine said...

I'm a rather new visitor to your blog and I do enjoy hearing about your family even though I do not know them. Marcy's inlaws are Shaklee customers of mine for years so I know the Smiths.
Yesterday I finally put Christmas in a box which always is a little sad for me. I love Christmas and the season always goes
too fast. Of coarse, the real reason for the season never goes in a box! Praise God A, Jesus never goes out of season!!

Theresa said...

Sometimes it is just good to stay in! I cooked WAY too much thru the Holidays and needed a break too:) Hope all of the family feels better and better each day that passes! Loved seeing all of the fun pics at the family gathering! Sending HUGS and SPECIAL PRAYERS your way dear Doris!

Barb said...

I look forward to reading your blog posts! And of course I love pictures! I do hope everyone in your house is soon over this sickness!! I seems worse when it's over the Holidays and someone needs to miss special events. Hoping you all have a healthy New Year!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Looks like another fun gthering of fmily, Doris, and the spirit of the season continues. Hope that Dale is feeling better too.