Thursday, December 18, 2014

Inexpensive Decorations and a Recipe

As I've been looking around our home today.... That is, when I took a break from this -

Making onion pretzels

And taking a break from this -

Yikes, I make a mess !!

I do love to wrap gifts!

Anyway, as I was saying, I realized that some of my favorite decorations this year are very inexpensive. 

These came from Dollar Tree -

They came in packs of two for $1! 

I hung 4 on the front window in the living room and one on the old vanity that Christy convinced me to keep. Someday we might paint it. Someday :)

I also like these wreaths -
There are two hanging on the railing at the loft. I think I should go back and get a third one. 

They are simple tinsel wreaths which cost $1.

 If they only last a year, who cares? 

I think I've shown you this before - 

I love these little tree bells! The children do too. I have a red one on the railing in the basement and two green trees on the railings to the second floor. 

I like this too. I've had it for several years and am enjoying it in our half bath this year. This is not a Dollar Tree purchase :) The lit branches came from Boscov's, the greenery from Micheal's, and the jar from my attic. I just changed out the batteries today so it's more brightly lit than it's been. 

Christmas is coming! It's almost here! And I love it!!

Here's the recipe for Onion Pretzels...

1 bag Wege pretzels
I packet Lipton onion soup
1 stick plus 3T butter, melted

Place pretzels on a jelly roll pan. Sprinkle onion soup over pretzels. Pour melted butter over all. Gently stir to be sure the butter is distributed evenly. Bake at 250 degrees for 30 min. Stir at least twice during baking. Cool and enjoy!!

I always leave the pretzels cool on the pan do they can soak up any butter that may remain. Store in a covered dish or plastic bag. Warning, once you start eating these, it's hard to stop! 

I made 4 batches so far today. 1 more to go. Some will be eaten at our Christmas but lots are being given away. 


Cattails said...

Your home is decorated beautifully, Doris.
The pretzels sounds delicious. What a great gift to share too!

Merry Christmas

Theresa said...

Decorations don't have to be expensive to be pretty! I am good with Dollar Store decorations! Love those branches! I need to snag some of those after Christmas! Enjoy your evening dear friend! I have been wrapping ALL day long and my poor fingers are TIRED! Thanks for the pretzel recipe! I am gonna be making those:) HUGS!