Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Month

Christmas is more than a day. It's a month :) It has to be because it's too much fun to last for only a day!

I wrapped up about 13 Christmas theme books for Aidan and Zoe to open before the big day. They have been enjoying this. Most of the books are story books but I also included an activity book for each of them.

Aidan chooses a package to open. 

He thinks he knows what it is...

Yes! A Mad Libs!!

Another day.... It's Zoe's turn. 

She's thrilled with her activity coloring book :)

On another day (a day that Zoe had an earache.... the water bottle on couch) Zoe opened a book with the song White Christmas. We watched that movie earlier this month and the kids loved it!

I must share this picture of our youngest Grand. 

Precious Carson is 4 months old. He just melts me!!

The big day is very close. There are still some things to do....I must get to it!!
Happy Monday to you!


Jean Stauffer said...

The book-a-day idea is great!

Anonymous said...

I love those happy smiles on the children's faces. Merry Christmas to each of you with love.

Doris said...

I read about the idea somewhere... Don't remember where. Next year I'll add a few more new ones to some or all of the old ones.... Till I get to 24 packages. It's been fun! Buying 24 new books is too expensive even if you are getting them at Ollie's :)

White Lace and Promises said...

Don't the little ones melt your heart. Oh my! They are cuties for sure. I've sent my babies books and stuff from GA to enjoy before the big holy-day begins. Connor like his coloring books and ornaments and little nothings as much as he does the biggies. Have yourself a Merry little Christmas day!

Theresa said...

What a great idea! Love making the fun last more than just a day! The kids sure looked like they had fun opening their gifts! Enjoy your time with the family dear friend, HUGS!