Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pesky Brother....and the Fireplace!

Thanksgiving vacation is here....as of 4 o'clock this afternoon. Aidan seems to be in a pesky mood. Just take a look....

I really wanted to take a picture of Zoe with her new haircut and style. 
Her brother thought it would be a blast to photo-bomb.....

Is he still back there??

Ok, she has had ENOUGH!!

 He really must leave me alone.

Are you ready to take my picture now, Nana?

Cutie :) 
But notice the green sweatshirt on the lower left corner, haha!

We had our chimney inspected and cleaned this afternoon. 

This fella did a good job. 

So, why wait to make a fire, I ask? 
We don't wait!

Corey had some helpers bring in wood and crumble up newspaper. 

We have fire!

Lovely :)

We now need to decide what we must do to have this loveliness put forth enough heat to keep us warm during winter. We believe a fireplace insert is in our future.....maybe this year or the next.

Snow is to be in our area by tomorrow afternoon. Yippee, not!!

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving! Yippee for turkey and pumpkin pie :)


Anonymous said...

I love Zoe's new hairstyle. It is darling on her! Brothers!!! Aidan is having a blast! Very pretty fireplace - enjoy and I hope you won't get much snow. Happy Thanksgiving.

Jean Stauffer said...

Wow, I love that fireplace!!!!!

Such cute pics of Zoe. Do you ever think she looks a little bit like Greta?

Theresa said...

We are about to have our chimney swept! Love a fire:) Enjoy your day with those cuties! Tell Zoe, I love her hair! HUGS!