Monday, November 24, 2014

Crazy....good! Today anyway.

I could not believe how warm it was when I went outside this morning. I ran some errands..... The sweater I wore felt way too warm! 

So where do you think I spent some time this afternoon?

You bet I sat on my porch. 

I enjoyed every moment. I sat and drank some pumpkin spice coffee. I delighted in the beauty of the sky. Ahhh, loved it!

My view has changed a lot. No leaves on the trees, but.....I now see houses that have always been at the bottom of the hill, I just couldn't see them. I see big buildings and fields. I miss the leaves but I'd say it's still pretty awesome. 

Guess I will have to stay turned to the weather for tomorrow. It may look different again.... White, this time. Guess the porch sitting will have to wait till the next crazy good day :)


Jean Stauffer said...

The houses down over the hill where Miki lived when she was a kid?? Hahaha! When they called the houses where you live "snob's hill"?

Yes, today was AMAZING!

Doris said...

Not sure where Miki lived, Jeanie, but there are new homes we can see. Snobs Hill, eh? That's funny!

Anonymous said...

I love your porch in any weather! We had a very warm day yesterday; felt like spring!

Theresa said...

There is something SO peaceful about sitting on the porch:) I love yours and wish I could sit there with you! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!