Thursday, October 2, 2014

It Feels like Fall, it Looks like Fall

I do like this season. I enjoy decorating with a Fall theme....

The front porch looks better with the pumpkins and wreath. I'll probably move the pumpkins or get more... Nah, 2 will have to do! I'll play around with the placement. 

I thought the wreath looked a bit shabby... So I used some ribbon I had to make a new bow and added some leaf garland. 

Yesterday a neighbor man came by. We stood at the door to chat. Among our conversation he said "Nice wreath"! I chuckled and told him how it's so old and how I fixed the shabby just that morning :).  I also found out that this neighbor has adult twin daughters who have special needs. They live in a home with another girl. How interesting!

I bought this apple scented candle at Pier One. They have so many nice things!

The Martha Srewart paper candle covers look nice with the picture on the wall. I use battery lit candles here. That's a corn sheller, in case you were wondering what the antique piece was. We bought it at an Uncle's household auction many years ago. 

The red dish is Christy's. It was probably her Grandmother's. I like the pumpkin in it :)

These sweet kids like getting the mail :)
As you can see, Fall is here. Some leaves are falling. We still have a lot of trees with green yet....I keep thinking that we haven't a clue the amount of leaves we will be cleaning up!!
I love the smell of Fall. Ellen told me today that she doesn't. Say, what?!!

The temps are getting cooler and I mourn the fact of sandal/flip flop wearing days coming to a close. Sad thought for sure!!


This would have been my Mama's birthday. I wonder what she would have looked like had she lived beyond 59 years. She was a wonderful lady and was taken from us way too soon. Yesterday was 5 years that my Dad left this world. Missing my parents .....
But, I have so much to be thankful for. The list is forever long and I choose to think on those things :)

Blessings on this lovely October 2!


Theresa said...

Blessings abundant but we still miss our loved ones, don't we? Yes, we do! Love the FALL looks and smells! My Hubby was blowing leaves this afternoon, we have lots too! Enjoy your evening dear friend, enjoy the memories of days gone by when you and your Parents were all together... you will see them again some day! Sending HUGS across the miles!

White Lace and Promises said...

I absolutely love your door. Pretty and makes the wreath pop! I think everything is just as it should be. The corn sheller is great with the wagon wheel in front. Just enough Fall to make it beautiful!

I saw your book, Learning to Speak Alzheimer's. Do you have someone in your family who is dealing with this. Hard journey. We struggled through it with my mom. I miss my mama and daddy so much.

Enjoy your weekend.


White Lace and Promises said...

Oh yes, I forgot that you and I shared the same profession dealing with Alzheimer's daily with our residents. I knew we were more connected than just my mama's name, Doris.

Doris said...

Bonnie, the wheel is actually part of the corn sheller. There's a crank on the back that turns the wheel which takes the corn off the cobb.

Yes, my job included bringing life to the residents with dementia. I also taught classes to new staff. Loved that!


Your first Fall in your new home ... how special.


Jean Stauffer said...

I'm telling you, every time I look at your door I feel like painting mine blue!!!!

Doris said...

Jeanie, we love the blue doors...but the lady who lived here before us does not! I'm not sure who painted them...or painted the inside and put in the carpet, but she seemed less than thrilled with the changes. I'm sure it was hard for her to leave this house... and even though she lives in the other house we looked at and loved in this neighborhood, I'd choose this one over that one any day.

Susan said...

I love your fall decorations Doris! And wreath is perfect with your blue door -- there's something that makes the blue pop out & looks so inviting. Looks like such a fun time in your community! Happy Fall :)