Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's Farm Show Week!

 Its Farm Show week in our (former) home town. For the first time in many, many years, we will not be there every night. It's just too far to go 5 days in a row. We did start off the week just right, though, by watching the baby parade and eating some yummy food last evening!

Aidan and Zoe get ready to watch the cute kids walk the streets :)

Zoe loved these kids! Frozen :)

There's a cutie!

I didn't capture this kid in his pose... He was a baseball trophy. He got his picture in the newspaper this morning!

That was fun, says Aidan and Zoe :)
Now, let's find our cousins and get something to eat!

Eating in the food tent... Always an experience :) 

French fries are the best!! Chicken sandwich, walking taco, sausage sandwich, soup, milkshakes....it's all fantastic!!

Zoe says she prefers a hot dog!

Baby Carson was there too but I didn't get a picture of him. He was all snuggled up in the wrap that his Mommy uses to carry him. He loves it!

Here's a few pics from Sunday. 
Brinley LOVES Carson....

Aunt Kimmy loves him too! 

 We all love him so much! 

Carson melts me...

Bless you this fine Tuesday! Today I'll do some grocery shopping and want to check at Home Goods for a small rug for the space at the bottom of our stairs. It's right outside the storage/workshop area and sees a lot of traffic . I purchased one at Ross on Saturday but will return it. It just wasn't right. Hope I find something soon. I do love the hunt :)


White Lace and Promises said...

What a fun event! I've never heard of a kid's costume parade. What a great idea and fun for the family. Your baby is getting so big. Isn't it crazy how they grow up so fast! I feel so bad for my sister who hasn't been able to hold my 6 month old little doll since she was born. I just have to share my photos but it' still not the same. Darling cuties there!

Jean Stauffer said...

It's harder than ever for me to see all the Farm Show updates this year. I would SO love to be able to go. Just can't fit a trip down there in the middle of the week.

Carson is a cutie! We surely are enjoying Bianca.

Susan said...

So I just wrote on your previous post about how fun it looks in your community -- yeah, should've been on this post! Oh well .... I love all the kids & their costumes :) ::::::: And how adorable is your little Carson --- he is such a cutie!

Theresa said...

Looks fun to me:) LOVE that little trophy guy! What a sweetie that Carson is! I know you love that little fella! Enjoy your day, we both grocery shopped yesterday and shopping today:) Does that count as shopping together? Sending HUGS and PRAYERS across the miles dear friend!