Monday, September 22, 2014

Mother/Daughter Beach Trip

The first word that comes to mind this morning concerning this past weekend is...FUN!! Ellen's friends and their mom's (minus 2, sadly) went to a vacation home near Rehoboth Beach Saturday morning until Sunday evening. What a great group of friends! We had such a good time and plan to do it again next year.

The girls and I went in Terry's van. The rest of the moms traveled in Reba's van.

Elizabeth, Emily, Ellen

Marissa, Bri
They are all smiles and ready to get to the beach!

Ellen takes a pic of me as I snap one of her =)

Guess what we are passing....

I almost missed it...
Dover Raceway!
Ellen LOVES Nascar!

We were almost at the beach house but decided to stop for lunch. We found a Burger King.

Lunch with the bunch ♥

We arrived at the house, unloaded our stuff...let the FUN begin!

Emily, Bri and Maureen relax.

We all had to enter the very long wifi password posted on the frig
in our multiple devices!

The community pool was closed for the season so we decided to head to the beach even though the weather didn't seem that nice. We were so glad we did because it got better and better as we were there!

First we drove into Rehoboth. It was packed! No parking to be found. So I suggested the Towers Beach where we usually go. It was closed!! There must have been a large event happening there. We kept on driving...decided to see how full Bethany Beach was. We found parking and it was all good!

Our precious girls!

The waves were big!
the water felt cold at first but wasn't too bad.
I got my feet wet =)

There was a wedding right there on the beach next to us. So much fun to watch!

Back to the beach house to clean up so we could get pizza on the boardwalk!

My beautiful Ellen.
We had a short wait to be seated.

We waited across from this shop...

An Ice Cream shop!
Ellen was so hungry and really wanted ice cream at the beach.
But she needed something more filling first, her Mom said =)
(pardon the guy who unknowingly photo-bombed the pic, hehe)
Ellen got ice cream before we left the boardwalk,
of course she did!
(I did too ☺)

Seems like a good time to check what's happening in the world as we wait =)

Back to the house again after we ate and walked the boardwalk.

We laughed a lot!!

The girls watched a movie and the moms chatted. Some of the girls got tired and went to bed before the movie was over. Ellen was not one of them! Ellen and I had a nice room with two queen beds. We slept just fine. 

Sunday morning started with coffee for those of us that must have it....then a wonderful breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, orange juice and an assortment of pastries. Yum!!

Of course to the beach we went when breakfast was over and the dishes washed. 

It was not as sunny as the previous day.
We had fun anyway =)

Yes, we laughed A LOT!

All too soon our beach vacation was coming to a close.

Time to pack it all up.

We head for PA....

We say goodbye to the wonderful house.

But first....we are hungry again! Friendly's is the place this time.

The wait for our food was forever long. 
As you can see, we found FUN even in that ♥

Thanks, Reba, for coordinating this lovely time away. Wonderful memories were made. Ellen and I enjoyed every moment of this special time. Looking forward to next year!!


Jean Stauffer said...

Fantastic!! I loved seeing all the wonderful pics and reading about all the fun you had!

TammyLB said...

What a wonderful, fun looking weekend you all had!

White Lace and Promises said...

What a wonderful post! I so miss weekend trips with my children and their friends. It's been soooo long. I have got to plan a girls getaway sometime soon. Looks like a fun time enjoyed by all.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks for sharing photos of the getaway trip, Doris. It's nice to have an all girl escape anytime and a beach weekend was even better.

Theresa said...

What a fun time:) I loved visiting with you all as you had fun at the beach, even if it is from across the country:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

How nice. I saw some pics of the trip on fb. I love Ellen's pretty red hair bow/band. Red is her color but I think I remember she loves yellow!