Monday, September 29, 2014

Anybody out there??

If I don't post something soon, will I have any readers left?? That's what rolls through the brain!

I've started several posts last week but always gave up when I couldn't post pictures with it. Computer issues, ugh! What good is a post without pictures?? Not much, at least for me... I read blog posts from other folks who don't include pictures and think it's just fine. Why can't I feel the same about my blog ??

Picture-less post happenings:

We went to the beach. Again 😊.... Friday evening to Sunday evening. This time we were in Wildwood NJ. The weather was PERFECT! You will have to trust me on that one since I can't show you the pictures....

It was time for my annual fasting blood work this morning. It was a late night yesterday and I couldn't have coffee this morning. Ugh. Oh we'll, I went to Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice latte after they took my blood :) got my flu shot too.

I purchased a Samsung Tab 4. I'm liking it. I rarely cook from a cookbook anymore. Looking at recipes on my phone was getting old.... A larger screen is much better!

I got an iPhone 5. My goodness, what an upgrade that was for me!! I had a 3GS until July when Gina got a new phone. I then used her 4. My 3GS was causing me fits!

I love living in this house! I'd post two pics I posted on Facebook... But, you know, computer issues. My son can fix these issues but he's too busy right now. He puts in some serious hours most of the time. (I did too when I worked) Christy does too. Living with them works all the way around our busy lives!

I made a chicken, rice, and broccoli casserole for dinner. It's yummy! My husband's family will wonder if he ate broccoli... No he did not! I also made a chicken and stuffing dish :)

Picture-less post comes to a close. Happy Monday! I'll be watching The Voice tonight. Love that show!


Jean Stauffer said...

I would love to have that chicken, rice, broccoli recipe. I made chicken and broccoli for Anthony and Lori yesterday, but it's a spicy stir-fry.

I also LOVE the Voice. Best show ever!

I'm so looking to upgrade to a better phone. Mine is really having some issues.

Theresa said...

I will read your posts, with or without pictures:) I have a 4s and have been thinking about an upgrade but it still works! Kinda hard to spend the money when it isn't necessary! Enjoy your day dear friend, hope you get your computer fixed soon! HUGS!

Lady Jane said...

Are your picture issues blogger or your own computer. I was having issues and on the post page I played around with the compose and HTML on the left of the page and somehow miraculously found the prob and fixed it. Your dishes sound good. A post of them would be appreciated. Thanks.

White Lace and Promises said...

Food sound yummy! It was Homecoming at church Sunday. I ate entirely too much and was sick. I had some broccoli, chicken and rice casserole, but the squash casserole was the best. I was stuffed. Have been watching my diet and still feel yucky from it.

Don't worry about your followers. We will be right here.

Doris said...

Lady Jane, it's the desk top computer. It's old. We hope to purchase a new laptop at some point. Amazing how expensive this all can be and they wear out way too quickly....or maybe it's just that the years go by WAY too quickly!!

Anonymous said...

I love The Voice too. There's a few folks from Atl in the running!!
I enjoy visiting with or without photos. Sorry about your computer problems.
I know each of you has a hectic schedule but it's wonderful that you are all together now and able to help one another out.
Have a nice afternoon. More coffee on the porch might be good!

Susan said...

Doris, I sometimes feel the same way wondering if I have any readers left! I haven't kept up with my posts let alone posting pics! But I love this post & just visualizing everything ..... and yes, your readers are always faithful :) Have a blessed week, my friend!