Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ellen's 20th

It was a very happy birthday!

She found a new IPad case in the bag =)
 She's been telling me she needs one...
little did she know,
there's been one waiting for just the right day
for some time now!

She also got a small container of her favorite chocolate chip cookies from BJ's ☺
Happy Girl!!

For dinner she chose TGI Friday's. 
Our food was yummy!

She didn't want the wait staff to know it was her birthday.
So, we kept it quiet.
It would have been so tempting to say something, 
but I knew the noise of the clapping they do while singing 
would be way too much for her.
Noise bothers Ellen.

Back home for cake.....
Ice Cream cake from Dairy Queen, YUM!

Christy lights the candles.

Ellen is all aglow ☺

We sing, she blows.....

Whew, 20 candles produces a lot of smoke!!

It was a happy day! So was Saturday afternoon....Ellen's party with her friends. Next post subject....

Have a great Tuesday! Can you believe it's September?? Neither can I.


Anonymous said...

Ellen, you look beautiful on your special day. The cake looks so good!

Theresa said...

Sweet 20 year old! Ellen has the prettiest smile, love the cake... I bet it was really YUMMY! Enjoy your day dear Doris, HUGS!