Thursday, August 28, 2014

Happy Birthday, Paityn!

Granddaughter Paityn is 7 today!!

Happy Birthday, Paityn!!

Paityn's party was on Saturday.
We had so much fun!

After eating pizza and some other goodies,
it was time for gifts ☺

The kids gather around to see what she opens.

Paityn loves the Frozen tops from Aunt Gina!!

Brinley had to try one =)

She will love this doodle book from Nana and Pop Pop.

And the balloon art kit.
Zoe asked me to get her one too...
guess I better go back to Ollie's!

She unwraps books and books and more books
from Aunt Kimmy!

Time for cake!!

Paityn helped her Mommy make these cupcakes...
the vanilla ones were gluten free!
How nice for this Nana and her Nonny, too.

Mommy lights the candles...

We sing....

Paityn blows hard!
Uncle Josh keeps her hair out of the flame =)

Then we eat cake!!

We had a great time at your party again this year, Paityn!
We know you will love being


This morning I went to see this little guy....

I cannot get enough of him!!
He's a week old today.
Carson, I am so in love ♥

It looks like he's giggling,
which would be way too soon for that....
this was a yawn that I captured at just the right moment!

Zoe and I left to do errands
and Gina stayed to help her sister.

Enjoy your day...Enjoy your holiday week end!


Jean Stauffer said...

So how many August birthdays in your family now? At least four, right? Carson looks so bright-eyed and alert for just a week old!

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday Paityn! I enjoyed seeing all of you having fun at the party:) That sweet Carson, I love his smile! Enjoy your day dear Doris! HUGS!

White Lace and Promises said...

What a fun day with family! The birthday girl is so precious. When my little girl was young, she only wanted books and barbies. When she was a wee thing, I'd read 20 books at a time. Oh I know that baby has captured your heart, Doris. He is a doll!!! Makes me want to see mine!

Have a great holiday weekend.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

You sure have had lots of reasons for celebrating in your family, Doris...birthdays, new grandson...great way for summer to end!

Susan said...

Happy "belated" Birthday, Paityn!!My granddaughter LOVES Frozen too! Doris, what a joy to be making sweet memories with all these grands :) And Carson is such a cutie! Love catching up with you, my friend!