Monday, August 18, 2014

What's Happening?

I have not been a good blogger this summer. It's not that I don't have anything to write about. There is always something going on around here...always!! Today I decided to highlight a few happenings at the Fahnestock house. I'm making dinner too, so this will be an up and down process!

  • Look at these cute Sketcher's shoes I found at the Vanity Fair Outlet! Love them. They have memory foam soles. SO comfortable!

  • Last week I had a group of friends, 4 ladies that I had worked with, over for dinner. We ate on my porch. It was a delightful evening...even though the weather wasn't ideal. Love these ladies!! I'm so bummed that I forgot to take pictures.
  • I posted pictures of this door on Facebook but not on my blog. This is the door to our bedroom.
The door came from the barn at our old home.
No kidding!
Hubs cut it down to fit. 
We will paint it a pop color...
Not sure what that will be yet.

Hubs knew there was a track and rollers at the farm he grew up on. 
He asked his brother if he could have it
and here it is....
holding our bedroom door in place.
How cool is that??

The door handle came from the farm too.

This is the back of the door. I'm not painting this side.
It's staying rustic.

Hubby brought some old shutters from the old house, too.
He wants to make a headboard out of them.
Love it!!

  • Ever since we moved (if you are a new reader, we moved with our son and his family to a larger home in May of this year) Aidan and Zoe have been asking for a sleep over in our area. That would be all the way down to our basement living room from their second story bedroom =) We did it and they thought it was so much fun!
A tent, of course (!), blankets, books, water cups...
all set for the night!

Oh, I forgot the special animals!
They are ready for a sleepover.

And, they want to do it again!

  • Most Sunday afternoons and evenings, our kids gather here or at our daughter Marcy's home. Yesterday, some of them gathered here. The kids always have a good time. 
Paityn used play makeup to make cat faces on Brinley and Zoe =)
It's hard to see on these photos.
She was proud of her work.

Brinley proudly shows the cat =)

  • What kid doesn't love to walk in big shoes??

This morning Zoe found Gina's boots 
and said they fit her perfectly!

  • Dinner is ready and I need to attend to hungry family. Dinner on the porch....that's where we almost always eat. We had lunch out there today, too. I told Aidan it's my favorite place in this whole house. He said, Mine too!

  • Our Grandbaby boy will be born soon. We are SO excited!! I'll broadcast the news as soon as we hear the word. This is #7 for us ♥


Blackberry Lane said...

I love your shoes, Doris.
I thank the Lord for so many answered prayers for you and your family. Your barn door looks great and is so very special. Shutters for a headboard are a great idea. I saw a headboard made from pallets recently that was very unique.
The kids are all precious. So happy that they enjoy one another and that you are close enough for them to visit together often.
I remember sleepovers at my grandparents home. Lots of fun!
Have a great evening and enjoy that porch.

Mary Ellen said...

I like your shoes, your bedroom door, and the kids sleepover in your living room! It all looks like happy times. And excited too for the new baby that will soon join your family.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks, Doris, for all the updates. The salvaged bedroom door was a great idea and nice tonhave a cinnection from your former home too. Will be looking forward to seeing it when it's repainted too. Cute pics of all the grandkids too.

Theresa said...

I love that door and those sweet babies!!! Enjoy your day dear friend. Hugs

White Lace and Promises said...

Doris, I am loving the sliding barn door! Oh my goodness, my kids would have a fit over this! Now those kids are just precious. Love every photo. Love the personality. They are beautiful as I know you know!

BTW, did I ever tell you that my mama's name was Doris???

Now this is funny. She was such a mess and my sister gave her the name SIROD, Doris spelled backwards, when she was telling it like it is, as we call it. When I have one of my smart-alec moments they call me SIROD.

Susan said...

Oh Doris -- you have had such a busy year & summer settling into your new home! I'm sure hectic & {at least SOMETIMES} stressful ... and yet you still ::make:: time to post! You are my inspiration & role model :) LOVE your bedroom door -- and the sights of grandbabies making lasting memories in your home! Thank you for always sharing & for the time you make for us ...... Blessings on your week, dear friend!