Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We are almost to the finish ☺

We are close to being finished at our old house, yeah! Tomorrow will be another push day to the finish. It's been long. It's been hard work!

The new owners are moving in on Saturday =)

This room is the only one they are painting right now.

When Greta was a teenager she chose the colors.
Her Dad carefully painted the stripes.
Greta declared this room made her so happy!
We, her parents, said we liked a happy teenager =)

The room is now being painted a beautiful shade of pink for a sweet little girl. I'm sure it will make her very happy, too!

We ate lunch at the mall today.

Aidan and Zoe wanted to sit at this little table.

We didn't stay long at the mall,
Ellen's camp had an Alex's Lemonade stand at a 
shopping center nearby and we wanted to support that.
It was fun to see Ellen and her friends waving their signs
and encouraging people to give to a good cause.
I forgot to take a picture!

This week end is going to be a special one. My family is getting together for the annual Witmer Retreat. We are going to a new location this year....we don't need to provide the food!! This is going to feel like a luxury for food prep, no clean up. I'm sure we will love Refreshing Mountain Camp. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures. Can't wait to see my sisters again! 

It's late, I'm tired. It's time for a relaxing cup of tea and some zzzzzzzzz!


Anonymous said...

It is nice to know another little girl will enjoy the room now.

Have a great time at the reunion.

Mary Ellen said...

Greta's room was so pretty. The painting so perfect.
You are amazing to do a blog when you are tired - my brain wears out when I'm tired. Looking forward to a fun weekend.

Theresa said...

I know that you will be happy to turn those keys over to the new owner! Lots of hard work and LOVE in that house! I can't wait to hear all about the retreat! Sounds like tons of FUN! Have a blessed day dear Doris, BIG HUGS!