Monday, July 7, 2014

It was a full, fun-filled Weekend

Let's start with Friday -
It may have been a Holiday for most...not us! July 4th was a work day at the old house. We are really pushing to get the house finished and ready for the new owners. When I arrived back home again, by early evening, I was spent, tired, worn out!! Everyone in this house had plans for the evening except Dale, Ellen and I. I was way too tired to cook anything, so I went to Wendy's and got us some meals and Frosty's for dessert, of course. Happy 4th to us =)

Later, I watched a Hallmark Christmas movie. Yes I did. I love them, most of them.

Saturday -
I debated going to the house to clean again. But, I was still way too tired. Instead, I cleaned a bit at home then Ellen and I went grocery shopping. We went to several stores till we had all we needed for our busy Sunday.

It was also this fun loving girl's Birthday -

Happy Birthday, Christy!
for my newer readers,
Christy became part of our family when she married our son.
Actually...she was part of it way before that =)
And she is the Mom of Aidan and Zoe.
We live with them ☺

Christy at Zoe's Birthday party in February.

What did I tell you - 
she loves fun!

We decided to go see some fireworks in the evening. I called my sister Mary Ellen to see if we could join her. She can see some from her development plus the town she lives in had some later which she can see from her back yard. 

We were only going to stay for the earlier show but ended up staying to see the late ones too. Glad we did...they were so good and the weather wasn't so stinkin' hot. That makes it so much more pleasant to be outside. 

While we saw the fireworks, the baked beans I had prepared earlier in the evening were baking. I also  prepared 3 big sandwiches for our fun to come on Sunday evening. It was very late till I got to bed.

Sunday - 
Because it was very late till I got to bed and was so worn out from the crazy busy week, I slept way late Sunday morning. We went to church but were much later than we ever are. It was fine. 

After the service we had the annual Picnic in the Grove. 

Again, what a nice day to be outdoors! Last year it was so hot and humid it was almost unbearable. Lunch was yummy - hot dogs made over a fire, lots of food brought by the hungry participants, and soft ice cream! Sue always is sure to have wonderful toppings. My favorite is crushed strawberries ♥ 

There were games....a peanut scramble for the children...and, look at this - 

A peanut scramble for adults!
Even my prego daughter went for it.....
Ellen helped her =)

I was told that Merle, on the left, really likes peanuts.
He ended up with a very full bag!

This cutie is Lily.
She is adorable
and adored by her Grandma!
She usually gives me the look of
'Who is that crazy lady that's fussing over me" 
when I talk to her!!

We had to leave the picnic early because we had another big event to go to. Time for the annual trek to Long's Park for the concert and fireworks show! We look forward to this; everyone but Ellen. It's too loud and too close for her.

Daughter, Kim, and Grandson Andrew.
The Byers family joined us again this year =)
They are sitting to the right in this photo.

Our Granddaughter Paityn
plays a game with two of the Byers kids.

This cutie is Selah....
the Byers baby, but not for long.
They are expecting a baby in December =)

Gina and Greta, my twins,
and Greta's hubby Lynn.

This Byers cutie was busy making bracelets!

A circle of friends ♥

Granddaughter Zoe...
glow stick glasses!

Aidan tries his!

We always have glow sticks at this event,

As the sun sets, they get prettier.
So much fun!

Sitting on a big lawn, surrounded by thousands and thousands of people, watching awesome loud and beautiful fireworks exploding right above you... that's what I call a fabulous time!!

It was another very late night. No sleeping in this morning. Ellen starts 2 weeks of Aaron's Acres camp. Had to keep it moving and we got her there on time. Yeah! I'll be sure to sleep good tonight!


Jean Stauffer said...

Yes, FUN!! Dick and I felt a twinge of jealousy when we saw all the people who posted about being at Longs Park. Hopefully, some year we can do it again.
I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight. I desperately need the same!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing the photos.
I know you will be happy to turn over the keys to the new owners of your last home.
Get some good rest and tell Ellen to have fun at camp.

Anonymous said...

p.s. My memory is so short!!! I meant to say happy belated birthday to Christy. I know she is very special to each of you. Beautiful photos of her.

Theresa said...

Thanks for taking me along on this fun time:) Two days of celebrating works for me! Hopefully you will be finished with the house soon and you can rest a bit:) Have a blessed day dear Doris, BIG HUGS!


I loved your title ... because things at your house are often full and fun.

Beautiful pictures.