Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lake Visit and Little Dancers

June is almost history. Already. Guess time really does fly when you're having fun! Most days have some fun as part of them =)

I've been doing a lot of cleaning at the old house, preparing it for the new owners-to-be. It will be a few more weeks till ownership changes. Excited for them and for us!

On Tuesday my sister Mary Ellen and Grandma Mary went to see some family that is vacationing about an hour away at my BIL's (who was married to our sister Janet...Janet passed away several years ago) lake house. It's been some time since I was there. What a beautiful setting!

Told you it was beautiful!
This is actually the back of the house,
the walkway leads to the lake.

I don't need to be in the water.
Just sitting and enjoying the 
of the water is good enough for me.

Some people,
especially little boys,
love to do this =)

Elvin enjoys his Grands!
I don't have a picture of Pauline, Elvin's wife.
She is a wonderful lady who loves my sister's family like her own.
She insisted we stay for lunch that day,
something we were not going to do to save her some work.
She said there will not be any discussion...
we stayed =)

Thursday was spent at the old house working. It was SO hot without air conditioners. Corey came in the afternoon and put in 2 window units upstairs where I was working. What a difference they made....but I still stank so bad I couldn't stand myself!

Marcy sent me a text wondering if I would be coming to Paityn's dance recital. Oh yes, I had forgotten! I hurried home, took that very needed shower, dressed to look like I hadn't done a single thing all day (haha) and out the door I went. So glad I did!!

This recital was only the class that Paityn is in.
What beautiful little dancers!

Our sweet girl!

There she is again.

They had so much fun!

Yeah, you did it!

 Just so precious!!

Blessings to you today!


Anonymous said...

Such precious photos of the recital.
It has been so hot and I know you were exhausted after being at the old house. I wish the young couple moving in soon all the best.
Have a nice evening.

Theresa said...

Sweet little ones dancing their hearts out:) Precious! That lake house is dreamy! I know you enjoyed your time with your BIL and family! Have a blessed and restful Sunday, HUGS!

White Lace and Promises said...

Looks like your month was beautiful! Being near the water is my favorite place to be. I could sit in that shading area with a good book and never get in the water. Wow peaceful and what a way to end the day. I saw my babies on Facetime yesterday. It was fun but not like being there.