Monday, June 23, 2014

Fun at Clipper Stadium on a Sunday Afternoon

Challenger Baseball was honored with playing at Lancaster's Clipper Magazine Stadium Sunday afternoon. What a fun filled day. The kids and one buddy got a free meal, the rest of us bought a meal for $5. The kid rides were open too. We all had a great time.

Sign welcomes the kids to the park ♥

Ellen is ready to play ball.

The players head to the field for opening ceremonies.

This kid can sing!!
He sang the National Anthem.

Cylo was there to entertain, of course!
Always a crowd favorite =)

Each player got a trophy
honoring 25 years of Challenger Baseball.
Can you pick out our girl?

Love it!!

Look who came to join us for the fun ♥
Their parents came, too, and Aunt Kim.

After eating, the kids had fun playing.

Brinley raced from one thing to the next!

Gymnast Paityn spun around this bar many times!

Yeah, Carousel rides!

Kim hangs on to Brinley.
Brinley loved it and rode many, many times!

That was fun...
let's do it again!

And they did =)

Pure delight on that face!

Oh, Brinley!

There she goes!

Ellen finds a place to relax.

And we spun her in this crazy seat thing =)

Oh, yes, they played some ball, too!

White Sox do stretches before the game.

Challenger plays 3 innings, each player bats each inning and runs the bases.
There were three fields set up for the kids...
three games going at once. 
(While we ate and had our fun time, 3 games were in session.
While we played our game, those kids got their chance for eating and fun)
For each inning the kids moved clockwise to the next field,
 giving each team a chance to play at the home field.
What a great plan, what a great experience for these special kids!!

It was very sunny and hot.
I couldn't stand sitting in the sun so I sat further up in the stands in the shade of the overhang.
Soon two other Moms joined me...
we had a great time =)

White Sox on the Home field =)
That's Kim with Paityn and Brinley up front watching the game.
Just wait till I show you the kids faces =)

 Ellen is #4
between her friends Nicole and Emily.

Game over, wonderful memories made.

Thanks to ALL those who are responsible for the idea and seeing it through!
Thanks to Clipper Magazine Stadium for hosting our kids,
for working even though your team was out of town,
for being gracious, kind, and so welcoming!

I didn't forget.....

Look at these two!
That has to be the best face painting job I have ever seen.
Love it!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Ellen. I love her trophy. Paityn and Brinley's face paint job is superb!

Theresa said...

What a fun time at the stadium:) I felt like I was there with you! I know that Ellen felt like a movie star with all of that attention! She is precious! Have a blessed day dear Doris, BIG HUGS!

Jean Stauffer said...

What a great family place! Wonderful pictures of a very fun time.