Friday, May 9, 2014

Ellen went to Prom

Among all the busyness of moving, Ellen had her IU Prom! We got her all fancy and delivered to the dance floor Friday evening, yes we did.

Our pretty girl looking so grown up ♥

Now let's see the back of the dress...
and your hair....

Mom, it's freezing out here!!

Just one more....
Thank you, pretty girl =)

We delivered her to Bent Creek - 

What a cute prop outside!

Photo stage inside...
An Evening in Paris
was the theme.
(would it ever be a blast planning this event!)

Ellen with her friend, Amber

Ellen with her friend Rachel from BOS

We had to leave...
no parents allowed for the event, of course!
As we walked to the car I couldn't resist snapping a pic of these pretty trees!

Gina and I did some shopping at Target, Five Below, picked up salads at Panera
then went to the new house to chill till it was time to pick up Ellen.

I always like to go a little early to watch her dance the last few dances.

She is having a blast!!

This young man barreled through the crowd
to dance the last dance with with our pretty girl ☺

Yes, she was enjoying her evening of dancing!

I know I say this every year....this special evening for our special kids is the BEST!! God Bless the people who put forth tremendous effort to give our kids a safe and fabulous Prom. Ellen has one more year to enjoy this event. Now that's rather sad......but it means she is growing up and getting ready to be an adult. I'm certain there will be other dances in her future =)

Bless you today!


TammyLB said...

oh- she looks so beautiful! What a pretty dress!
And that "planning an event like this" comment ~ that brought back so many memories!

Jean Stauffer said...

This totally reduces me to tears. What a wonderful event. And Ellen just looked so cute and so happy!!

Anonymous said...

Ellen looks beautiful. What a pretty dress, shoes, necklace/bracelet! Her nails are so pretty too! I know she was tired after so much fun! Thanks for sharing her prom photos!

Happy Mother's Day!

Mary Ellen said...

So beautiful!! So delightful to see Ellen having a good time!

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, what a sweet and beautiful girl! I know that she had fun dancing the night away! Precious young people having fun together:) Have a blessed weekend dear Doris, HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Enjoyed seeing Ellen's prom pics and noted the yellow accessories too.