Monday, May 12, 2014

Catch up Post

Catching up....

Last Sunday (day after moving day) Ellen had her first Challenger Baseball game. (it was actually the second game...she missed the first one) It was a very chilly day. Felt like the kids should have been playing football instead!

There she is....
her White Sox t-shirt is under that 
Challenger Cheering sweatshirt =)

Zoe and I made our first cake at the new house on Wednesday. Aidan was very tired from a field trip to Lake Tobias that day, so he chose to chill on the sofa and watch some TV.

Zoe is a good little baker ♥

Dale has been bringing me lilacs from our old house. The bushes are not full again this year and they look like they took a beating from the harsh winter. I'm thrilled to have one small bush at the new house, too.

They are my favorite!!

Christy and I have been blessed with Mother's Day flowers!

Snapdragon's from Ellen ♥

A mini rose plant from Gina ♥

Cards and flowers from Aidan and Zoe to their Mommy
and one from church.
We also have another purple flower from church ♥

Yesterday after church we ate at our favorite hometown eating place, Manheim Twin Kiss, for lunch. Most of our kids ate there too. After lunch we visited our precious Grandma Mary before heading home.We were expecting our kids, at least some of them, to show up for the evening. They did....all except Greta and Lynn who had a busy day.

We ate dinner on the deck....such a beautiful evening!!

Aidan, with his parents.
Zoe had fallen asleep on the sofa.
She woke up and joined us later.

Fairy Paityn =)

Precious Brinley...
wow, she stayed still long enough to snap a picture!

Marcy decided to sit with Paityn for dinner,
leaving Scott to take care of the busy Brinley =)

That was a nice gift to Mommy =)

Kim and Andrew came after work.

What does the Fahnestock bunch do in the warm weather months?? Make S'mores, of course!!

Preparations underway =)

The lack of a fire pit will not stop this tradition!
Scott tries a new fangled contraption he found.

 Christy roasted the marshmallows the traditional way.

Andrew agreed to try the first one =)
It was filled with gooey marshmallows!

I can see the sun set through the trees....

Call me happy =)

The week end went way too fast...but a new week is always a blessing! 
Blessings to you today!


Mary Ellen said...

What a fun day for you all! The pictures are great!

Jean Stauffer said...

Our lilacs around here are not very profuse at all.

I bet the kids like that you don't live as far away anymore (except for Greta and Lynn).

I like your sunset picture through the trees. Are you able to see the sunrise at this house?

Theresa said...

Well dear Doris, you are making memories at your new home:) What a fun time for Mother's Day and baking in your new kitchen! Enjoy each moment, I know you will! Sending hugs and prayers your way!