Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What's Up?

Here's what's happening at the Fahnestock house.....

  • Still waiting.... for our new home. The septic tank is going to be replaced before settlement. Maybe by the end of next week it will be ours?? Hope so.
  • I was just looking at pictures of our new house from the listing. I will never tire of doing that. I still pinch myself because it doesn't seem real  =)
Inside those windows - 
the garage, the laundry room, the family room, 
the foyer behind the front door,
the living room, the master bedroom above the living room =)

  • Sunday I had a sore throat. It wasn't bad, just enough to make me feel very tired and lazy. So I decided to give in and be lazy. I slept lots that day!
  • Monday I felt better. Just have a stuffy nose and I sneeze a lot. 
  • We were to have lots of snow starting Sunday afternoon. We ended up with a dusting! Fine by me. 
  • Today is one of those days....so much to do. So far I went to Hilltop Market, filled my car with gas, put away the groceries (including dividing that 10 lb. bag of ground beef into smaller packs), picked up Zoe at pre-school, catching up on blog reading...and more, but I can't remember what else I did!!
  • As I filled up my car with gas and having just come from getting a few groceries, the thought that went through my head was this...it surely does not take long to zip through $100!!
  • Everyone ought to have a Zoe in their life. She just came to me here in the study, snuggled up to me and said, I love you, in the sweetest voice =) I love that girl!!
  • Last evening Aidan read his newest journal to me. He brought it home from school last week. Love it! He drew pictures to go with each entry. For many of them, he would say, Oh, I like this one! This entry got a chuckle out of all of us.... My Mom is like Abe Lincoln. She is skinny. My Mom is like George Washington. She is old. Yes, he wrote that!!
  • I don't watch Dr. Oz very often because he's on when I'm busy making dinner. Yesterday I caught a little bit of the show...just enough to hear what one can do to lower cholesterol. He said eating an orange a day will help. I can do that! (if I remember, HAHAHA!!) I was going to eat an orange last evening after dinner but didn't remember till bedtime. good grief.
  • I'm enjoying the NBC show, The Voice. Wow, great talent!
  • Zoe is waiting to be on the computer. Yes, we share our one and only computer with a 4 and 5 year old!
Bless you this cold Tuesday! Warmer weather on the way for us later this week. I've heard the number 50 mentioned in the forecast. Whoo-Hoo!!


Jean Stauffer said...

Oh my... so much I want to say here. First of all, that house! Can't wait till it's yours. I remember the "need to pinch myself" feeling before we actually got ours. And feeling afraid to say much about it for fear I'd wake up and realize it was all a dream.

Destiny was always such a hugger. She would often come up to me and say, "I need a hug, Grandma." I miss that.

Of course, I LOVE The Voice. A LOT.

I'm going to go eat my orange right now. They're so sweet just now.

No, it does not take long at all to zip through 100 bucks. No question that grocery prices are rising and rising. Right now grapes are $3.49 a pound at Giant. Oranges are a buck a piece. The only good thing is the gas points I can get from buying groceries. That helps a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Doris, where do you live now, & where is your new house? I'm near York, but am familiar with the Manheim area. Three of our daughters had lived there; now just one is on Breneman Rd. I've wondered if maybe we drive by your house when we are in that area. You may answer to lhilty1@comcast.net. Your new house looks nice; I'm glad for you. Lois

Joanne said...

The house looks nice , hopefully you all will be in it soon. I don't like going to the grocery store , it costs way to much. If we didn't have to eat we could save alot of money but that wasn't in gods plan for us not to eat.

Theresa said...

It's almost MOVING TIME:) YEEHAW! Can't wait! I know you all will be happy in your new place with lots more space! What sweet little ones, I love listening to what they say! PRECIOUS! Enjoy your week, hope you are feeling better! BIG HUGS!

White Lace and Promises said...

I know you are excited. Hope it will be ready soon. For now, snuggle with those little snow bunnies and cherish the moment.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks for all the updates, Doris. Looks like you could be having a spring moving time. We will be in the Mannheim area again after Easter weekend and maybe will get a chance to visit again!


The journal is adorable. Who wouldn't want to be like Abe and George.