Thursday, March 6, 2014

Happy, Happy, Happy!

No, not Duck Dynasty happy (I've never watched that show), 
 this kind of Happy.....

Clinique Happy!

Several years ago I wore this fragrance and loved it. Yesterday I was shopping at Boscov's, using a gift card Gina gave me for Christmas. I treated myself to some Happy! I get a whiff of it from my wrist and it makes me smile. 

That baby doll in the background is one that none of my children have ever played with. I played with it as a child. Two single ladies from my church would babysit for us from time to time when my preacher daddy and my mother needed to attend meetings or whatever. I loved this baby doll! I bought her at their estate auction many years ago. It's a treasure! I was told the dress she is wearing was one of the last things their mother made before she died. Yes, she is a treasure!

Bless you today!


Anonymous said...

What a special baby doll and so glad you got your fav fragrance!

Theresa said...

Happy, fits my mood today;). Love dolls and I pick them up at Estate Sales too. Enjoy your day dear Doris. Hugs