Monday, March 17, 2014

Highlights of my week

It's been almost a week since I posted. Let me highlight a few happenings from around here.....

I had a birthday on Thursday! Starting a new decade, I am. 60 years of age. Thursday was a normal day for me....Except...I warned my family that I wasn't going to cook a meal that day...there needs to be a limit, haha! So many of our kids were working, so just the family who lives with us (minus Gina who was working) ate at Lititz Family Cupboard. We ordered the buffet, yum! Was so good!

It was a good day in spite of the weather...COLD and windy. It didn't get out of the 20's. Brrr.

That's how cold it was!

I was blessed with thoughtful gifts -

Flowers from Hubby
(I just threw out the Valentine's flowers a few days before...
they lasted that long...most of them!)

Roses from Gina

How cute is this?!!
From Greta and Lynn
Greta said when she saw it, she knew she had to get for me =)
Describes us perfectly!

Aidan made me a bracelet...
Love it!

Saturday I did some cleaning, took Zoe to a birthday party of a friend and then went shopping with Gina and Ellen.

Sunday was church, then a family dinner at Outback. It suited everyone but Kim's hubby Manny and son Andrew (they were working), and Laurencia and her family who live in Baltimore. We had such a good time! The little ones did awesome and our server did a wonderful job taking care of us.....all 15 of us!

Kim helps Paityn figure out a puzzle in the kids booklet
Outback gives them.

Christy and Aidan

                                                    Corey, Zoe, Scott, Marcy

Ellen poses for me =)

After lunch, some of the family gathered here. 

I read books to the kids - 
I didn't know Marcy took this till I saw it posted on Facebook.
I was reading a favorite book called
WHAT? said Granny!
We love that silly book.

Aidan had some reading to do for school. 
He read to Andrew and Paityn ♥

It was such a good day. I love my family SO much!

This is what we woke to this morning - 

A 2 hour delay for the schools.
On a Monday morning, that suits us!
Will this be the last time for snow this year??

We have another date for settlement for the house....March 28. Yeah!  Can't wait.

Enjoy your Monday....Spring will soon be here! Yes it will.


Anonymous said...

Happy photos of your birthday and family times together. Spring will have to show up soon at your house! Congrats on the new closing date! Can't wait!

White Lace and Promises said...

Doris, Happy Birthday. What a nice post. Love all the photos of the kiddos especially the one of you reading to them. Just precious. The roses, oh, my are beautiful! The plaque sound like my family or the family we once had:( It's different without my brothers and sister and little kids. We're all scattered now. Enjoy, Enjoy! Sounds like you already have!

Theresa said...

Happy belated birthday, this is gonna be my 60th also:). Looks like everyone treated you real nice for your big day. I will help pray that the 28th is the day:). Sending hugs your way!!!

Karen said...

i enjoyed the photos…especially Granny reading to the kids. Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday, dear Doris.


Granny said...

More birthday wishes coming you way ~~ I absolutely LOVE that you were treated to dinner out for your birthday and an after-church Outback! These pictures show many happy memories made over this past week ... my favorite is you reading to your grandbabies ~~~ it just doesn't get any better than that!!! I need to keep an eye out for that book too :)

Hope you have a blessed week, my friend!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes, Doris, and # 60 is a good number as I well recall. Looks like you had lovely celebrations and the flower gifts were beautiful and definitely show signs of spring. Best of luck on the March exciting!