Wednesday, December 11, 2013


It's that time of year, it seems. It's cold. It snows. And snows! Can't say I'm too crazy about it but it is pretty!

Tuesday - 

Aidan couldn't wait to get out into the snow!

This little sweetie was so happy 
to clean off Nana's car ♥

This guy was happy to use his toy =)

For many years he shoveled the driveway by hand.
No more!


Look at that...

Very cool!

More fun on the deck!

Yes, it's pretty!

Paint has been purchased for the bedroom we are working on. Hoping to see some color in there soon. And, the windows should arrive next week. Progress!

Today -
 Gina and I spent the day shopping. I'm not buying many gifts but it does take time to choose what I wish to give. We had fun but are we am I ever tired tonight!

Good News - 
Corey and Christy will be renting their house in February. Their very good friends, Amber and Gordon, will be moving in. We are all SO excited!!

Things are beginning to move out of the stand-still position we have been in for so long. It feels good, real good!



Karen said...

You really got a nice snow! Enjoy and don't wear yourself out!

Jean Stauffer said...

Thank you, Jesus!!!!!!!! I wondered if something like that might be transpiring after reading Christy's FB status last evening.

It's so fun to see your outdoor pictures and remember the olden days there! Remember when the train car got pushed over by the engine with a snow plow? I was standing up in the room you are remodeling, looking out the window that you just put back in, and I saw the whole thing happen. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Anonymous said...

I am glad I checked your blog. What an answer to many prayers.

The snow is pretty and the children look so happy.

God bless you all!

Theresa said...

Beauty all around:) I LOVE the pics with the colorful children against the white snow! Happy to hear that things are beginning to happen up there! Stay warm dear friend and I'll take a day of that snow here in the South:) HUGS!

Granny said...

What a wonderful week for your family! So glad your little ones got to enjoy the snow -- looks like soooooo much fun :)

{PS.... thanks for keeping all the snow up in your corner of the world! }

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The snow is lovely, Doris, and obviously Aiden, Zoe and Ellen agreed, perhaps even Dale as he got to use his toy. I understand about the hand shoveling as did that for many years when living at home, until I bought my father a snow blower.