Sunday, December 8, 2013


Bargain Shopping - 
Christy and I went to BB's Grocery outlet on Wednesday.


and wow!
We came home with a few bags full ;-)

Women's Brunch -
Saturday was the day. Food was yummy. Being with church family and friends was wonderful. All the help we had to make this happen was a blessing!!

 Heather and her daughter check out the coffee and hot chocolate table.

Ellen poses =)

Chatting before we start.

Loading up the plates!

Birthday Party - 
After the brunch, Ellen and I hurried to a birthday party for her friend Marissa.

The girls gather around the table for pizza...
These girls cheered together for UDS flag football.
(all except Marissa's sister who's back is to the camera)

Happy Birthday to you....

Marissa reads the card from Ellen.

Ellen and Marissa

After opening the gifts, the girls watched the movie Elf.
Was so neat to hear them howl with laughter as they watched it.
The moms gathered upstairs to chat about plans to get these girls together 
once a month for a group activity..
They truly are a special group!
We all missed Elizabeth who was not feeling well and couldn't come.

Thanks to the Esh family for a fun afternoon.
Ellen had a wonderful time!

Snow - 
It started snowing during church. This is how it looked later in the afternoon.

Sugar cookie decorating -
This afternoon the Grands decorated sugar cookies. They had a blast making some very colorful cookies!

Aidan gets creative.

Paityn starts on her pan.

Zoe chooses her colors.

Paityn and Aidan work together.
It was fun to hear them discuss how they would use different colors
to create a beautiful cookie ♥

Oh yes, Brinley decorates too!

This makes me smile =)

Brinley wanted to decorate all by herself!
She did it, too =)

Look at these 
BEAUTIFUL cookies!
They are truly works of art.
And, very delicious.

There's a 2 hour delay for school in the morning. Nice!

Blessings to you!


Jean Stauffer said...

The cookies look wonderful!! Is this Grandma Mary's recipe?

Doris said...

No it's not, Jeanie. It's a sour cream sugar cookie Mom got from Mrs. Moyer (Ethel) many years ago. I've been using it ever since I've been married. I do have Grandma Mary's recipe and made it once....the cookies didn't taste as good as hers do. She has a special touch!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Those are some colorful cookies and great cookie makers serious about their creations.

Theresa said...

Blessings to you too sweet Doris! I love spending time with friends, family and little grandchildren:) Making memories and sharing smiles warms my heart! Have a blessed and beautifully snowy day, HUGS!


So much Christmas fun.


Karen said...

Family fun! Glad you had such an enjoyable day!