Monday, December 23, 2013

Moving Day for some Very Special People

Saturday was moving day for our daughter Marcy and her family. We couldn't have asked for better weather. It has warmed up around doors while moving the stuff was not an issue =)

They had soooo much help - family, friends and loads of people from our church. Reminds me of the PA Dutch saying -
Many hands makes light work (something like that!)

Scott rented this big truck..
it took two trips to the new house!

Scott gives driving directions to the new house.

The sweeper wasn't working correctly - 
Don and Dale got right on it 
FIXED it  =)

Lunch was served for the helpers ♥
Pizza, soup, cookies....
and more! 

Aidan found Paityn's Jessie costume
and wore it =)

Brinley looks thrilled to be in her new house...
or maybe it's the pizza
that caused this big smile =)

Ellen chills in the dining room.

I didn't get any pictures of people working...
guess because I was working too!
I should have gotten a pic of Jess,
Marcy's sister-in-law and the one who does our hair,
because she organized the whole kitchen!
Really, she was the Energy Bunny of the day!!

We went over after lunch yesterday to help unpack more boxes. 
It will take some time, but it will be completed at some point =)

At church yesterday, I asked Brinley if she slept good.
She said, House!
I think she is happy to be in her new home.


We had a special service at church yesterday.
The kids blessed us with several songs. 
My pictures did not get good but I will post a few anyway.

I was mostly focused on Aidan and Paityn.
Little Arianna was just the cutest, too!

They sang their little hearts out!
Was just so precious!


 This morning I received a FB message. 
Amber (Christy and Corey's good friend and the one, along with her new Hubby, will be renting their house) sent me these pictures from their wedding reception....
she said the photos would brighten my day on this rainy morning. 
They did!

Aidan and Zoe dancing.
Too Cute!!

We had gone to the reception to pick up Aidan and Zoe 
because it would get too late for them.
The dancing was just beginning.
Ellen loves to dance.
We encouraged her to join the fun =)
Here she is dancing with Christy.
Ellen's face says it all ♥


Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!


Jean Stauffer said...

This entire post makes me happy, happy, happy!!

Jean Stauffer said...

This entire post makes me happy, happy, happy!!

Mary Ellen said...

My feelings are the same as Jeanie's. So glad Marcy & Scott had good help. And the weather, no one could have requested those warm temperatures!!
I think I moved to Mobile with these temperatures.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos and I'm so happy for their new home and the love of family.

Nancy said...

So happy things went well and so happy for Marcy and Scott and the girls. The house looks lovely even in the chaos of moving.

Theresa said...

Well a happy day for sure! I know they will enjoy LOTS of wonderful times in their new homes! Have a blessed day before Christmas dear Doris! BIG HUGS and tons of Christmas blessings!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

New home and just in time for the Christmas holiday, what a nice reason to celebrate family and kudos to ll those helpers too!