Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's the Small Stuff

Sure, we all like some big things now and then...like a new car (or new to me car, I've never had a new one). Or a new appliance...I remember when we replaced our old range. Oh my, how wonderful to have a stove that worked! Or the new frig. That was huge, indeed. We tend to keep things way after they are worn out, yes we do.

Anyway, this post is about the small stuff. Small things make me very happy!

Yesterday I shopped and shopped. It's one of my pleasures in life. I LOVE to shop! I don't need to spend a lot of money to make it a pleasure. I can be totally satisfied with spending nothing. Yesterday I shopped for small Christmas gifts for my family. I LOVE that!

 Take a look at some of my small stuff joys......

I found these straws at Walmart yesterday...
it's the small stuff ♥

These shoes saved my feet during my shopping marathon!
They are Crocs and I LOVE them.
Ever since it's been too cold to wear my Crocs sandals and flip flops,
my feet have been hurting.
I found these cuties and my feet no longer hurt.
It's the small stuff ♥
(on second thought, that's a biggie!)

This wreath was a Black Friday find.
I added the bow and...
LOVE it!

Not much outdoor decorating has gotten done this year.
I shopped in my attic to come up with a few things 
to make our home look festive ♥
(the skates were my Dad's)

A ribbon added to the horse,
mini lights to the tall bird house...
it's the small stuff ♥

The reason for not much decorating getting done this year....

It won't stop snowing!!
And, it has been sooo cold!
And, hubby has been working on this....

(he brought the replacement windows home today, yeah!)

Later this afternoon, it stopped snowing
and the sun came out!
I could say it's the small stuff
but in this case,
it's HUGE!

The stuff on my kitchen sink shelves makes me smile =)

Having Aidan notice a pattern with these decorations...
he pointed out two patterns,
 brings me JOY.
Can you see them?

A crackling fire and Christmas music 
on Netflix.

It's the small stuff.

Baking cupcakes with this sweetie.
♥ melt me heart ♥
She was so sad because her school was canceled today.
She really, really wanted to make something.
So we did!

They are as good as they look.
I know....
I had dessert first.
(Shh, don't tell anybody!!)

Yes, folks, it's the small stuff  ♥


Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right...it is the small stuff. I love seeing your baking assistant. Love your collection of holiday cupcake papers, too. Your dad's skates are just precious. Yeah for the new windows too.

Barb said...

I love all your decorations! And I agree, the small stuff brings such pleasure!

Joanne said...

I agree it is the small things thay can us the most happy. Even though the big things look nice we think but are they really. I have big dreams at times but wonder why. Love your pictures

Theresa said...

I agree, the small stuff makes me smile REALLY big:) Love to you my friend as you enjoy this time! HUGS!

Granny said...

I adore the small stuff ... and what better "small stuff" than doing the little things with grandbabies (and it really doesn't matter how old they are --- they're still our grandBABIES) ........
Love your decorations too -- I need to get creative with some family things I have around here too ... you definitely have an eye for decorating, my friend.
***However, the shopping stuff???? I can honestly do without... can I send you my list? {{hahaha}}