Saturday, October 26, 2013

What, it's Saturday - AGAIN??

It can't be....another week flies by. Impossible. No way.

Yes. it's true. 

Just passing through
to let you know I'm still kicking!

It's cold around here. 
Flowers have succumbed to frost. 

Aidan thought it looked like winter this morning.
Ice on the car windows
and shiny frost on the lawn.

The Eden Pure heater is keeping the family room warm.
Anywhere else in the house,
a blanket to bundle up in 
is a must.

I do not like the cold.

Ellen and I attended a chocolate party
this afternoon.
Dove chocolate party.
That was fun!

Tonight Ellen wants to go to a Marching Band Competition.
She loves marching bands!

I do not like the cold!

Bundle up, I tell myself =/

Open Houses tomorrow
at Marcy and Scott's home
Corey and Christy's home.

for the right people to come along who will love these homes
and want to purchase them!
It's really, really important.

Blessings to you on this blustery and cool/cold PA Saturday!

*Hubby took Ellen to the competition =)
I stayed home and made tomato soup....
and  tried to get something done.
Forget it,
my energy seems to be depleted.
Done. Nothing left.
Oh well, tomorrow is another day ♥


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hope those 2 open houses bring some good news, Doris. Chillier temps here and a touch of frost on the grass and car windows which made going to the Y less inviting in early a.m. This week, but off we went. A chocolate party sounds delicious. Glad Ellen and Dale got to the competition.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning! I love Dove Chocolate! I continue to pray for all re your homes. I sent a marching band video to your email earlier for Ellen.
It's chilly here, too. Hope you have a blessed Sunday, Doris.

Theresa said...

I am not fond of the cold either:) BUT... it is that time of the year! Layer up, bundle up and BRRRR! I will continue to pray that the houses will find new owners:) Have a blessed Sunday dear friend, BIG HUGS! Stay warm:)

Jean Stauffer said...

It's good to have one warm spot to congregate in. How nice of Dale to take Ellen to the competition. I certainly had my share of being cold yesterday.