Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday and Monday

Sunday -
I felt better, yeah! Went to church and was blessed. We came home to eat leftovers -  so many choices! Marcy and Scott had an open house from 1 - 3 and needed somewhere to go so they came here. They have all been fighting colds for the past week as well. We were a coughing, nose blowing bunch...all except Pop Pop. He seems to be cruising right along and not catching this bug. We watched the Eagles lose the game against the Cowboys. Andrew had to work but came later, sporting his Cowboys shirt. He was loving it! Christy found a good way to ease the disappointment her team brought....

Scraping up the glue!
Whew, that room looks rough...
Can't wait to see some paint in there.
Nowhere close to that yet!

Monday - 
It was cold out there this morning. Our local TV station said it was 39. I was sure it was colder than that here. I was correct - it was 32! Corey had ice on his windshield. Brrrrr

Zoe and I are pals today. I did some clean up and she watched PBS. Later I went upstairs to do some chores. She came upstairs, too.

 Who is in my bed??


 It's Zoe!!
*so much for the made up bed =)

I went to the study to write this post. Sweet Zoe came too.

Books are a great way to pass the time 
while Nana is busy.

Blessings to you today!


Blackberry Lane said...

Brrr...your temps are cold! We were in the low 50's when we woke.
That Zoe is precious. I remember loving books when I was little. She looks so sweet hiding under your covers!
Blessings to you this day.
Keeping you all in my prayers.

Theresa said...

Brrr here too:) Of course it warmed up later but 1st thing this morning was CHILLY! That picture of Zoe SURPRISING you made me SMILE! She is too cute! Hard work re-doing that floor, I am sure you know that! Wear a mask, breathing that dust isn't good for your coughing and sneezing bunch! HUGS coming your way! Hope everyone feels better soon!

Karen said...

MUCH cooler in KC, too! Stay warm!


Lord Jesus, We need your help (like we always do) to sell these houses. Please show up in surprising and delightful ways to bless our friend, Doris.Amen.