Monday, August 19, 2013

It's Always Fun!

One of the best things about this stage in my life has to be spending time with my Grands. I love it! Last week Marcy wasn't feeling well and asked if I could come. It so happened that Ellen was spending some time at her Grandma Fahnestock/Aunt Nancy's house which made my week free to help Marcy. I did some cleaning, folded some laundry, and washed some dishes - all things I know how to do! I also made them some meals. Thursday Paityn, Brinley and I walked to a little park near their home.

 They enjoyed the swings.

 Monkey Paityn swings across the bars!
Excuse me while I run after Brinley...☺

 She made it!!
She did this over and over!

 Brinley shows her stuff, too.
She wants to keep up with her sister!

 They walk across the bouncy bridge.

Sweet Brinley!

It was a nice day but it felt hot at the playground. Paityn was hungry and soon ready to head back to the house. 
After Brinley went to bed for her nap, Paityn and I played 2 games.

Then it was off to the mall where I was meeting these two....

Since Gina was almost done working and needed a way home,
we went to the play area at the mall for some fun while we waited. 

They had fun. 
I'm not always willing to let them play there....
sometimes there are kids playing way too wild and free.
The adults just let them.
This time, 
not many kids and
watchful adults.

Lots happening around here - 
  • Corey and Christy listed their house again. (today)
  • They will be moving here this week end - they will all sleep in our living room while we work on an upstairs bedroom for them. I have some work to do to prepare for this!! We hope to continue our search for a home large enough for all of us, but are still considering staying here and building an addition. Time will tell.
  • Aidan is starting all day kindergarten next Monday at Doe Run. (one reason for the hurried move-in here - they live in a neighboring school district and taking him every day would be way too much)
  • Marcy will need surgery in the near future. She will have to be in bed for 3 weeks after the surgery. Can't even imagine. Lot of help will be needed for them, that is for sure.
  • Scott and Marcy signed for their new house to be built. It will be started in September and finished on December 20. No kidding, DECEMBER 20!! Paityn is worried about a Christmas tree, she will get a Christmas tree even is it's a small one! (and a fake one!!)
  • They have to get their townhouse ready to sell...while Marcy is on post-surgery restrictions....
  • Paityn starts kindergarten, too, next week. She will go half days in the afternoon.
  • It's all overwhelming....if I let it be ☺ Prayers appreciated!
We will do all!


Jean Stauffer said...

That really is a lot - of huge things, but good things too. Yes, you all will make it one day at a time.

Surely it will be easier for Christy and Corey to have house showings if they're not living there. That's a huge plus. And it's great that Aiden can go to Doe Run.

My greatest concern is for Marcy of course. I've been praying for her and will most certainly continue.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to be close enough to enjoy these four grandchildren. I was pretty good at monkey bars too!!!
Remembering all of you in prayer during this time.
Love you all.

Theresa said...

Praying that the plan will ALL come together! Sounds like you guys are helping each other in every way:) Those little ones sure make us smile! Your Grandkiddos are ALL precious! One step at a time is the only way it works for me too! Hugs and prayers coming your way dear Doris!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

No kidding that you and your family have so much going on, Doris. Hope all works put well with house showings, new home building and most important, Marcy's upcoming surgery. We are keeping you and yours in our thoughts and prayers.

Joanne said...

I know how overwhelming can be and it can overcome us. Put you said it right if its lets us overwhelm us. that's the trick to not let it . It hard though isn't it. We are told that God will not put us through more then we can handle. I have to tell myself that over and over again and ask God to keep me strong. I myself can get taken up in all the stuff and not let God take over. I guess we think we are stronger then God, not so. If only we could remember that.