Friday, August 16, 2013

Beach Day Sunday

It's been a busy week.... a fun one but too busy for much computer time.

Last Sunday we (all of my bunch except Marcy and Brinley, and Kim's hubby, plus my sister Mary Ellen) went to the beach for the day. We piled into 3 vehicles very early in the morning to drive the 3+ hours to Towers Beach, part of the Delaware State Parks, just south  of Rehoboth. We like that beach, very family oriented, no boardwalk, less crowded. It was mostly cloudy that day but we didn't mind. We had fun!

Beautiful grasses!

 Sunscreen is a must!

So are some umbrellas....
and chairs and blankets/towels....
 lots of stuff

 Kim and Andrew soak up some sun.

 Christy reads a magazine.
Ellen relaxes and Aidan enjoys a sandwich

 Anybody looking??
Cause I......

...want to break into this thing !

 This is what I love...
looking at the water, my feet in the sand
and my Kindle in my hands.
This makes me a very happy girl!

We found a very cute Little Mermaid!

 Andrew digs a hole,
Zoe claims it as her bed and goes to sleep.

 Just kidding!!!

Andrew was kept busy burying kids, hahaha!

Who would go to the beach and not make a sand castle??

Aidan helps.

So does Paityn.

Corey builds a bridge.

Ellen digs for sand crabs.

 Zoe really did go to sleep
but at a much better spot than in the sand ♥

Mary Ellen brought copies of
a challenging word search.
Scott looks like he's in agony over this thing!!

All too soon it was time to pack up and head home....

But first,
it's a Fahnestock tradition to stop at Grotto's in Dewey Beach for pizza,
lots of pizza!


Still waiting!!

Yeah, pizza!!

Zoe says,
Mommy, you really are having more??
Mommy says,
Yes, Zoe, I am. This is Grotto's pizza!

(we polished off 5 yummy pizzas in no time!)

That was good!

It was a full, fun day.
I'd do it all over again, just say when ♥

I guess I don't have a single picture of Mary Ellen! How did that happen??
She was sitting behind me at the beach
and at the opposite end of the long table at Grotto's.
I guess that's how it happened!


Anonymous said...

You are so blessed to be part of a big, loving family and to share these special times together. I love just gazing into the water from the beach. The pizza looks delicious, too! That mermaid photo of Zoe is the cutest!

Love to you all.

Theresa said...

Oh what a fun day. There is truly something so relaxing about a trip to the beach. THEN Pizza, sounds like a perfect day. Enjoy a little rest to recover. Hugs

Karen said...

Great photos of the family! So glad you all had a great vacation.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, as Mildred said earlier, your family DOES know how to have such great times and enjoy each other's company. From your photos, it looked like a GREAT beach day and great looking pizza too, great after-beach tradition!