Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hershey, the Sweetest Place on Earth

We went to Hershey, PA today. Aidan and Zoe love Hershey's Chocolate World. My sister Betty and her family (from NH) were going to Hershey Park today. I had hoped we could join them for some Hershey Park fun, but too many of my kids couldn't take the day off. So, I suggested meeting up at Chocolate World. Marcy, Scott, Paityn and Brinley joined us, Gina had the day off too. It ended up being quite a group!

First ride through Chocolate World...we always go more than once! (it's free, plus another perk which you will get a glimpse of later) -
Marcy and Scott hadn't arrived yet; Betty and Scott were in the park, so we decided to go on the ride till they all got to Chocolate World.

Ready to Roll =)

Ellen loves this place too!

 Zoe was excited to see the cow tails!
She loves cows.

There's a kitty sleeping in the window.

 I bet you didn't know cows can sing...
they do at Hershey's Chocolate World!

It does not matter that Aidan and Zoe have been to 
this place many, many times.
They love it as though it's the first time ever =)

Mmmmm, Kit Kats!

Second Ride -
Betty, Scott, Merida and Isaiah arrived soon after our first ride ended. We chatted, Scott went to fill their water bottle and I got a text from Marcy - they had arrived. We waited for them to get into the building then it was time to go again!

Paityn and Aidan are soooo very excited!

 Betty and Merida in front
Scott and Isaiah in back.

 Paityn and Aidan are into the scenery!

 Three little heads =)

 Look at that...
No, look at that!!

 Hi, Nana!

 I LOVE this place!

Marcy, Scott and Brinley were on a car behind us. 
There is a ramp on the car which
allows her to roll right on it. 
So cool!

 This may have something to do with why we 
 ride more than once.
You get a piece of candy - 
every time =)

Zoe says, 
I love chocolate!

Next, we went to my car to get the cooler I had packed with food. I knew Betty and her family would need something to eat, and my family would be happy to partake as well. We found a spot under a tree to sit and chow.

I guess I was busy because these are the only pictures I took! We had several kinds of sandwiches, potato chips, fruit, whoopie pies and Oreo's. I shopped at Hilltop Acres (a local market with yummy food) where I bought the whoopie pies. Ellen always wants me to get some when I shop there. I don't always get them but thought today was a good day for a special treat. I also shopped at Amelia's (local discount store) where they had Oreo's. Now that is my favorite cookie. I don't always give in to my weakness, but this time I did. Double Stuff Oreo's are the best!

All too soon it was time to say goodbye to Betty and her family. They needed to head back to the park to ride more rides. We will see them more throughout the week end before they head back home again.

Of course we took a third ride, yes we did!
This time we got to experience how Marcy gets on the ride. We were escorted by a Hershey employee to an area behind the stairs where we usually enter the ride.

 Not a clear pic, sorry - 
Marcy, Scott, Paityn and Aidan were in one car.

 Gina and Brinley....


                                                                   Zoe and I were in another.

 Scott is having a blast!

Time to say goodbye.

You have three hours of free parking for Chocolate World.
After the 3 hours are up, it's $12.00!
We were getting close and it was time to move it, move it.
Such a fun day!

Thanks to Christy, our dinner was cooking while we were away. She prepared some yummy ham, potatoes and carrots in her slow cooker. Corey picked it up on his way home from work and brought it to our house. Thank you, Christy! It was so good!

That was a lot of pictures.... but I know some little ones that will be thrilled to see each and every one of them! 

It's late and I know of a comfy bed upstairs that happens to be calling my name...Goodnight!


Mary Ellen said...

How wonderful that you could have this day together. Loved the pictures. See you this evening.
I best keep moving - I'm headed to Hilltop, then have more cleaning and food prep to do.

Theresa said...

Oh how fun!!! My Avery picks Hershey bars as her favorite candy every time. I would love to take her there someday. Sweetest pictures of everyone enjoying themselves. Have a blessed day dear Doris. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

What a fun time. I love seeing all the family with such big, happy smiles. Have a good weekend.

Karen said...

What fun...and is there anything more yummy than chocolate? Loved your pics!


I love the way you are always preparing fun activities and delicious food for your family. Go, Doris.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Yes, Chocolate World is one of our favorite rides too, such fun and for FREE as well. We have only ridden it once on each visit, but maybe a second (or third) time on a future visit.