Thursday, July 25, 2013

An Evening at the Ballpark

Greta sent me a text one day last week asking if I would be interested in some free tickets to a Lancaster Barnstormer's (our local minor league team) game. I asked her if she really didn't want them....I was told that Lynn finds baseball to be boring. Ok...we will take them =)

Tuesday evening was a lovely evening to spend at the ballpark. It was also a 'Burger for 2 bucks' night. Dale ate one, Ellen ate ice cream and I had a bottle of water.

 Batter up!

 Clipper Stadium is a beautiful park.
I was sad to see it so empty on Tuesday evening.

 Watching the game

 This fella causes many a giggle!

Ellen was thrilled to have him come our way!


We are blessed to have some cooler weather. I have the windows open this morning! 

Today will be another fun day. I'll let you know about it tomorrow =)

Our Witmer Retreat was to be this week end. It all changed several weeks ago. My sister Rose, from GA, told us they would not be able to come. She is starting her first teaching job and has orientation this week. Her hubby had considered coming with 3 of their children but decided against it. We were all so sad about them not coming but understood. Then my sister Barb, from ID, decided she wouldn't come either. They are farmers and this is a busy time for them. Again, so sad but understood.

 Soooo, what to do? We decided to cancel our gathering at the school where we usually meet and just do some local activities. My sister Betty, from NH, is coming with her family. We siblings, along with our spouses and young children, will meet tomorrow evening for dinner. Then on Saturday all the Witmer's who can come, will spend time together at a lake and have dinner together in the neat little grove at our church. We will have our worship service on Sunday at the Community Hall where our precious Grandma Mary lives. After lunch at the hall, Betty and her family will head back to NH, and the rest of us from PA and DC will mosey back to our dwellings. It will be fun even though it's not how we had planned. We will desperately miss the ones that can't make it!!

Blessings to you today!


Musicaljean said...

We'll still have fun. It doesn't take many of us! But yes, I am really sad that we won't get to see Rose and Barb this year. Did Rose ever miss an event before? Maybe when one of her babies had just been born or something like that.

Mary Ellen said...

The Wichterman's missed coming in Oct. 2006, because of the children being in school - that is when we decided to meet in the summer. Found Ebenezer - our meeting place July 2007 - July 2012. I think I'm correct on those dates.
Looking forward to fun times this weekend. Have fun today Doris & Betty! Definitely will miss the ones who cannot come.

Blackberry Lane said...

Love the photo of Ellen! Looks like good weather for the game.

Sorry some of your family can't make the reunion but I know those of you who can get together will have a wonderful time

Yeah for your cooler temps.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, whle we are not avid baseball fans either we always go to see minor league games if there are any near where we are staying on summer road trips. We've been to ones in NH and MD.