Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rain, Sun, Hail, but no Rainbow =(

There was lightening, a clap of thunder (which woke Zoe from her nap), a little rain then lots of heavy rain, hail, sun while raining....no rainbow.  Actually, Ellen noticed a very faint one...we think that's what it was!

 Small hail.
What a fascination the kids...
I brought in a piece for them to see.
Aidan also got one that jumped through the open door while I snapped a pic!

 Come on, rainbow...where are you??

 The rain is ending and blue skies are showing again...
how about that clear line!


 This is the direction that Ellen noticed a very faint rainbow...
so faint we could barely see it.

Look at those pretty blue skies!

We had another short heavy rain shower a few hours later. 
The skies were still blue with some clouds. 
We didn't see that one coming!
The ever changing summer weather.

So far today....HHH
(hazy, hot, and humid)


Anonymous said...

We hear thunder rumbling today and it is hot/humid. I can remember being fascinated with the weather when I was little, too. Tell Ellen to keep watching for another rainbow. Hope you all have a good evening.

Theresa said...

We had rain last night and no rainbow here either! Cute picture of the little ones looking outside:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!