Monday, June 24, 2013

Having fun while we wait

Our Sunday was not a family Sunday this week. Ellen had a baseball game and a cook-out/pool party after the game at the home of her coach. What a wonderful time we had!

 #16 ready to step up to the plate.

After a very hot 1 1/2 hrs. at the ballpark
this felt good!

Lots of splashing =)

One of the kids said they should have a ballgame in the pool...
The coach stood on the diving board and hit some balls!

He celebrates a hit =)

We ate hot dogs and hamburgers made on the grill.
Everyone brought something to add to the meal.
We even had Rita's Mango Ice! 
What a treat on a hot day....
thanks to Lance's parents who own two Rita's.


This morning as we (Aidan, Zoe and I) were driving to my house,
Aidan said, Nana, won't it be nice to live in the same house.
I said that I can't wait, 
I wish it were today!
I told him he wouldn't need to go home, 
he could just go upstairs and go to bed.
He told me that I would be there in the morning to take care of him
 if Mommy worked,
And, if Mommy didn't work, I'd still be there =)
He said he wouldn't need to put on his shoes!!
I had to chuckle at that, don't you just love the way a child thinks?
I do.

We are ready, Lord. Show us the way!
This is my constant prayer as we wait.


Blessings to you today! It's a new week, make the most of it!
 (I'm drinking pretend coffee and iced tea that Zoe is serving me, so sweet!)


Musicaljean said...

Won't have to put shoes on. That is too cute!!

Blackberry Lane said...

Those two are the sweetest!

So glad Ellen had a nice time at such a fun party.

Have a great evening.

Theresa said...

OH what a sweet little one and the simplest of things they look forward to... doesn't have to put on his shoes:) Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. There was a Rita's mango stand at the game this past weekend and my hubby had one! He said it was really good:) Have a blessed evening dear Doris, BIG HUGS!

Granny said...

Aidan is so sweet! And speaking from a Granny whose grandchildren have *always* lived under the same roof -- they definitely are the sweetest to have everyday ... I never get tired of Lucy's hugs & Tag's slobbery kisses. So I'm looking forward to you & yours living under the same roof too -- shoes & all :)