Thursday, May 30, 2013

Who Loves a Bargain?

Is there anyone out there that doesn't love a bargain? I doubt it! Yesterday Gina and I went looking for bargains at a thrift shop. Jubilee Ministries has several shops, one in our town, but we decided to check out the one in the city of Lebanon. Gina had never been to that one before. Did we ever hit the jackpot! She found two very nice tops and a pair of Lands End pants. They fit her perfectly, even the length, and they looked like they weren't worn. I found several tops, two were Liz Claiborne, AND a pair of Talbot's capri length pants. All the clothing was priced from $4 - $6. Most of them were $4. You can't beat that! Gina then treated me to lunch at Friendly's. It's been a long time since we ate there. My salad was wonderful and so was the company =)

We also went to the Hobby Lobby. It's the only one around here and I have never been there, or any Hobby Lobby. Oh.My.Goodness. I was OVERWHELMED! What a store! I did find just what I had hoped to find somewhere for Aidan's birthday. I was pleased! 

I woke up with a splitting headache this morning. Sinus headache. Could be weather related. We are heading for another heat wave. We still do not have the window air conditioners installed. I think we'll not make it through the heat this time without them. It's to be 90 today and tomorrow...... 3 H's - hazy, hot, and humid.

I went to make my smoothie this morning and realized I was out of spinach, again. Oh no! But I had a bag of kale I hadn't even opened yet, so I used that. It was ok but I think I prefer spinach. My smoothie is one good thing I do for me...I need to get back on track and do a few more things again ;-)

Aidan and Zoe will be with me today. Yeah! I think I'll put something in the crock pot for dinner so I don't have to use the oven.

Have a great day! Stay cool!


Maple Lane said...

Yeah for your good finds yesterday. I miss the consignment/thrift stores from our old place. Haven't yet found any good ones here.
We are hot this week, too. Using the crockpot is a great idea to keep the house cooler.
Hope your head gets better soon. Enjoy those sweet babies.

Karen said...

Yes, much hotter here today, too! I have to watch the three year old closely or she gets heat rash in this kind of weather. A smoothie sure sounds good!

Theresa said...

Oh I love thrifting and NEED to go soon:) There are SO many bargains out there! Enjoy your day dear friend and I PRAY your head feels better:) HUGS!