Friday, May 31, 2013

Cool Air, a Graduation, a Prayer Request, and a God Thing!

Whoo-Hoo! We have cool air in this hot house =)

Yesterday Aidan asked me if we have any air in this house!! Too funny. It was really, really hot yesterday. As days go, it was a busy one. Gina had a lunch appointment, I needed to meet Christy to get the kids on her way to work, Hubs had a haircut appointment after work, I needed to head to the grocery store some time because we were completely out of milk (used the last bit of it in the mashed potatoes for dinner) and I needed to fill the water jugs, too. While I was at the grocery store, Hubs put in 3 air conditioners. What a difference they make!

I am happy to have an air conditioner in our bedroom because, besides a better night because of a cool bedroom, I must get ready for a big evening. I hate trying to fix myself to look my best when I'm wiping sweat off my face!! What the biggie this evening??

Andrew, our grandson, is graduating from high school!! We are sooooo proud of this young man!

 What a cutie!
Still a cutie!
I love this young man so much. He is polite, he enjoys his young cousins, he's as handsome as they come(!!), and so much more. His parents, our daughter Kim, and her hubby Manny, have done a tremendous job raising him to be a fine young man.
Andrew hopes to be a police officer some day. Go, Andrew!
Would you pray for my friend today? Today is an anniversary for my friend Tammy. 17 years ago today her teen daughter decided to end her life. She said it has gotten easier but she will never forget. Please pray for her today!
Let me tell you of a God appointment this past Saturday. I needed some fake flowers to decorate my family room. I prefer fresh, but I can't keep replacing fresh flowers that I have to buy. (when I had a job, I kept fresh flowers on my dining room table almost all the time. because I love them) Ellen and I went to Michael's. I told Ellen we would go there if I could find a parking space. It's a problem sometimes! I found one and we went in to do our shopping. At the check out, the first one only had one person in line, so we waited in that line. I was looking in my purse for my wallet as I moved up in line. I heard the cashier say my name.....I looked up and here it was my friend Tammy! We had not seen each other for years!! Tammy still calls me her old boss, which I was, but I call her my friend, which she always was =) Oh my goodness, we hugged and hugged! I know we made a scene but we didn't care. We tried to catch up as best we could while she checked me out. I gave her my contact info so we could stay in touch. Just yesterday she found me on Facebook (I should have asked that on Saturday but neither one of us had thought of it). Now we will keep in touch. It was sooooo good to see her and we will get together soon. What a God thing!!
My day must get started. It will be another busy one. Tomorrow will be too. More about that later!
Blessings to you today!


Theresa said...

Oh what a handsome young man! Congratulations to him and his Parents for getting him to the stage for Graduation! BIG HUGS to you and prayers being sent up for your friend! Have a blessed and COOL evening:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Andrew. All the best to him!
Glad you got the a/c on. We have had very hot/humid weather this week.
So happy your reconnected with Tammy. God bless her.
I hope you enjoy the weekend. Love to you and yours.


Wow ... that is a lot of news. Praying for your sweet friend.