Monday, May 20, 2013

Our Afternoon

This was our afternoon -

Aidan and Zoe were playing outside on the deck and back yard while I washed the dishes. I heard an unusual sound by the road. Looked outside and couldn't see it really good but I thought it was an old car going by. After awhile I heard it again...another old car and another.....

I told the kids that we should go to the front yard so they could see the cars. We did and this is what happened. (sorry it's lots of pictures!)

 Last week Aidan asked where the little chairs were.
I told him to ask Pop Pop 'cause I didn't know.
He did.
Pop Pop got them out on Saturday.
Ahh, this is the life!
Aidan said he really likes these chairs,
especially the green one =)

Notice the banged up knees on Aidan.
A sure sign it's warm enough for playing outdoors!
He got at least one bump here last week.

While we waited for another old car to go by,
Aidan wanted to wait by the fence...
 with the camera. 
Now I ask you,
what little boy would just hold a camera while waiting??

It was taking a long time for a car to come by.
So, he decided on some self portraits again =)

Then, it was to the porch where he found Zoe. 

 He tried and tried to get both of them in a pic.
I heard him say several times,
"Cut you out again"!


 Adian snapped this photo!

 Oops, The branch is in the way!

 Zoe was thrilled the see this robin's nest!
The robin flew away every time I tried to snap a picture.

 While he waited, he climbed...

Aidan, that is high enough!!

Aidan figured out how to take black and white....

 So cool!

Another car!

 This one and the next was a bit smoky!

 Almost missed it...
but the kids were thrilled when someone would wave!

It was hot and the kids soon had enough.
Zoe rolls down the hill!
We head inside to get something to drink.

We decide on fruit smoothies =)

And, that was our afternoon on this lovely Monday.
Happy Monday to you!


Musicaljean said...

Nothing like an antique car parade right in front if your house!

Joanne said...

I saw alot of antique cars in my travels today also, was wondering what the occasion was.

Mary Ellen said...

Antique cars on a Monday? Anyway, glad you were home to see it. What fun!!

Theresa said...

WOW, those are excellent photos! I think we have a professional photographer in the future:) Have a blessed day dear friend! I think your afternoon was PERFECT! HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Your Monday was a good start to the week, Doris.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the pictures! What a thrill to see the vintage cars. Wishing you all a safe and nice Memorial Day weekend.

Karen said...

What a great afternoon! Loved the pics!