Friday, May 24, 2013

My Week

It's been several days since I posted anything. I'm going to call this post My Week, rather than Random, because.....when I called a recent post Random, I got loads of spam!
  • It was hot and humid this week. On Tuesday afternoon when I was at Weis, the big sign whch displays the temp said it was 93!
  • We don't have central air...otherwise, our house would have been much cooler during this heat wave. It was so hot at night. We are not putting in the window units yet. We just used heat early last week!! Crazy spring!
  • It was so hot in the house that the dishes and cups I got out of the cabinets even felt warm! (and it wasn't because I just put them there from the dishwasher...that's an appliance we don't have)
  • Gina had a pen explode in her pocket at work on Monday. We have been trying and trying to get the ink splotches out of the pants ever since. I think we are at the point of forgetting it. We tried the stain remover spray I usually use on stains, rubbing alcohol, hairspray....nothing is working. There are a lot of splotches!
  • Gina and I went shopping at the Outlets on Tuesday. She found another pair of pants for work and two really nice tops at Vanity Fair. Love that store!
  • Wednesday (have to think what I did!) Oh, when I was checking out some homes on the Internet, a window came up that I couldn't get out of...unless I sent $300 by some kind of money thing I could get at Kmart, CVS, Walmart.... I'm not that stupid! Of course, I called my smart son to see what I was to do. Everything he suggested, I already had done. So they came over for dinner and he ran some stuff to fix it. We ate dinner on the deck because the breeze made it feel better outside than inside the house. Was a nice evening!
  • Ellen participated in a work crew on Wednesday at Hershey Park. She and another student from her school went with a job coach. We knew she would go sometime in May but didn't know when. The uniform regs are very specific for Hershey Park. I had gotten her a pair of pants, a pair of walking length shorts and a sweatshirt with Hershey on it. I got the sweatshirt because it's been so cold and she couldn't wear anything with another logo and she does not own anything plain. Wouldn't you know, Wednesday was a very hot day, no need for a sweatshirt! But the shorts I got for her had pockets on the leg....I didn't know they couldn't have them. So, she wore pants. She really loved working at the park. She was sweeping and cleaning up trash. Ellen can complain about being tired (or that she doesn't feel well) when a job she isn't liking goes too long. The job coach said she did a really good job and had to literally take the broom from her to get her to stop when it was time to leave =) She may get to go again next Wednesday. I hope so. She gets paid to work there...Ellen loves that!
  • Yesterday I had a haircut appointment, not until 3:00 in the afternoon. I usually schedule them in the morning. I guess it didn't suit Jess this time. How I needed this haircut! I had chopped the bangs several weeks ago because I was going crazy. And with the heat and humidity these last several days, the length was sending me over the edge. I now have shorter hair again....feels sooooo good!
  • I went to Ollie's yesterday, one of my favorite stores. I never know what I'll find. They had mens golf shirts for $6.99. I thought they looked nice and felt nice and bought Hubs 2 of them. Had a 10% coupon too, so they were even less. Nice. I always check for coffee deals, none this time.
  • Aidan and Zoe will be with me later today. Love those kids!
  • All this talk of hot weather we were having. No more! It's cloudy, rainy, windy and chilly today. I'm wearing a sweater!! And I closed some windows. 50 degrees at noon.So crazy.
  • Are you wondering about our move? We are too! No decisions made yet. Corey and Christy are still trying to decide what to do with their house. They may look to rent it for a year or so. That would mean they would move in here. Would make this house full to the brim but we would be under one roof. That makes me happy. I'd rather move to another larger home now rather than wait. But things are just not moving in that direction, so it seems. It will be fine.
  • I went to the greenhouse yesterday and bought some flowers to plant. Aidan was wondering when I was going to buy some flowers!! All the tulips have been dead for weeks. Looks pretty awful. Annuals are so expensive....I tried to keep the cost down and hope I bought enough to make this house look alive =) The two hanging baskets I bought for the front porch are so pretty!

  • I love iced coffee, especially on hot days. Christy got several boxes of ice coffee pods for the Keurig at BB's grocery outlet. I love making a good cup of ice coffee at home. But, I was also waiting for the Dunkin Donuts coupon for the free refillable iced coffee cup they usually bring out each spring. Last year I was disappointed that refilling the cup was more than a dollar so I didn't fill mine often . The coupon showed up in the newspaper yesterday. Yeah!! I took it and got my free cup yesterday (had to buy a med. size ice coffee to get it. No Problem!!) on the way to get my hair cut. And, it's refillable for 99 cents this year!! My favorite is Toasted Almond. Love it!
Time for a cup of hot coffee before my little ones get here.
Enjoy your day. Blessings!


Anonymous said...

I am not familiar with a few of the stores you mentioned. The coffee, sounds delicious and like a great deal. Congrats to Ellen on liking her job; hope she gets to go back next week. You'll have to share the flowers you planted with us.
We decided not to plant anything this year. The builder had put 8 hollies across the front and that will be it. It's already so hot and neither of us feels like watering plants.
We did get out for a ride in the country today. It finally stopped raining and there is a nice breeze today.
Hope you all have a nice, safe weekend. Praying for all of you re the house situation.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

You had a full week, Doris. Ours will be hectic for the next few with an unexpected NJ trip next week (funeral) and then family visits road trip in early June. We will be in your area too and maybe can work put another get together.

Theresa said...

WOW, I wondered what you were up to this week... now I know! Your weather is crazy and I know it is hard to decide what to wear! It is going to be a beautiful day here this weekend and I am SO looking forward to getting outside:) Have a blessed day dear Doris! Enjoy!