Saturday, April 13, 2013

Some Fun and more......

This morning I should have been cleaning, washing that huge pile of dishes I left all over the sink yesterday (yes I did) and doing the loads of laundry that I had waiting. But, I didn't start with any of that. My day began with some fun, my kind of fun.

The women's retreat for our church is next week. I usually do the tablescapes and come up with little gifts for the ladies that attend. It takes loads of time but I do consider it to be loads of FUN! Before this morning, I didn't have a clue as to what the tablescapes would be. They need to be simple because I need to transport all the stuff to and from the retreat. I worked with what I had to come up with a different idea for 4 of the meals we will serve. Here's a peek at my "work"......

It looks like a mess and it was!
I made HUGE messes as I worked!
I pulled out stuff from bins and closets.
I put things together and changed my mind =)
(more than once)

The paint will be used for the gift for this tablescape.
It's a leftover from a craft at a previous women's retreat.
I'll be making my way to attic to use something that's been stored up there for a long time.
Love that!


Corey and Christy had another house showing today. I went over to help Corey finish cleaning because Christy had to work today and Aidan had soccer practice too . Here's hoping they soon get an offer so the hard work of getting the house ready to show at any old time can end!! 
* I just found out the showing was canceled 15 min. after is was to be. People, this is rude. It was just scheduled yesterday afternoon and canceling is just plain rude. (I hope I'm not being too harsh. Preparing a house to show in which lives a family with young children and parents with busy jobs is extremely challenging. It really is.)


It's a beautiful day today. We had pouring rain yesterday and temps in the 40's. How lovely the blue in the sky looks today.  I brought Zoe home with me after helping Corey. She and Pop Pop went for a walk.

Zoe was talking and talking as they walked up the hill =)


A few more signs of spring  -

It won't be long till these will be tall and full of beautiful pink Bleeding Hearts.

Last week the lilacs looked like this - 

A week later and it looks like this -

Looking forward to picking bunches of lilacs to display in the house.
This is my all time favorite spring flower!

Wishing you a wonderful week end! Ours has started out delightful and will continue to be full tomorrow with church, family gathering here for food and fun, and attending an open house.

That's how it rolls around here =)


Musicaljean said...

I just noticed some green on our lilac bush this morning also. Last year we didn't get any because they budded to early then froze.

Theresa said...

I agree that canceling is SO rude! People don't care these days! It is really hard to get a house ready to show and they should be ashamed:) Not too harsh, not at all!

Anyway, looks like you moved right along getting busy with the Retreat! I know your designs will be precious!

Enjoy your evening and you busy Sunday! BIG HUGS from Georgia!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about the cancellation. That is so very rude and inconsiderate.
My mother loved lilacs.
Hope you all enjoy your time together this afternoon.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, you were NOT being too harsh on those no-shows. Apparently, there are so many inconsiderate people in the world. It truly is a lot of work to keep a home looking its best even without young children or pets. Too bad there can't be a penalty for rudeness. Hoping Corey and Christy get the right folks to see their home soon. We know you will enjoy your usual Sunday family time and that a great way to forget about the inconsiderate ness of others. Glad you had some time to yourself to do what you enjoy.
And, thanks for the good wishes on our upcoming open house.