Monday, April 15, 2013


Our family loves s'mores. Making them has been a family tradition for many years. Yesterday Aidan asked me if we could make some. I had marshmallows but not the crackers or chocolate. He said we could just roast marshmallows....yes we could, smart boy =) But, I went to the store and got the rest of the things we needed because family tradition is precious to me!

 Scott, they look yummy!

 Gina and Corey are roasting their marshmallows.
Zoe patiently waits =)

Mmmm, good!

We went through a whole pack of chocolate and almost a box of crackers. Wow, I guess the first s'mores of the year were a hit! Lynn made one using cookies instead of crackers. That looked pretty good! Next time I'll be sure to have peanut butter cups too. Ever try that instead of (or in addition to - that would be a Scott s'more!) a piece of chocolate? It's yummy!

Wishing you a wonderful week! It will be a busy one for me as I prepare for the Women's Retreat this week end. Blessings!


Theresa said...

Oh how fun! Traditions are SO important! I LOVE marshmallows, plain or roasted:) Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

Anthony and Lori just discovered another park on Saturday, further out of town, where we can build a little fire to roast hot dogs and S'mores. I'm sure we'll be doing that one of these Sunday evenings. That picture of Corey and Zoe is sooo cute!

From the Kitchen said...

Oh my, peanut butter cups would make these even more yummily decadent!


Lady Jane said...

Oh goodness, peanut butter cups are the ultimate!!! Never thought to do this on a smore. You know I will try this...