Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Delightful, Awesome, Fun Retreat!

While preparing for the Women's Retreat this year, I felt so scattered. I don't know why. I got some food for Dale and Ellen who were staying home, I cleaned the house, sorta. I packed my things at the last moment before walking out the door.

I forgot some stuff. I forgot my Bible. How could I have done that?? It was ok, I had my Kindle on which I have 2 versions. I forgot the items needed for a group game we could play. That was also ok...we had plenty to do without it. I forgot my camera card. That was not ok!! The camera and the charger were with me but the memory card was in my computer which I leave at home. Bummer!! I've been trying to get a few pictures I took on my phone to post  here. So far, it's not happening. Again, bummer!!

Friday evening brought strong wind and driving rain. It didn't last long and we who were at the retreat house were safe. I stayed in tune with the weather forecast with my iPhone. Was happy to have that phone this year. On Saturday evening we ate at a restaurant not far from the house. Many of the ladies left to go home after we ate. The five of us who were staying for the night went to Walmart for a few items. On the way there, we suddenly started seeing, what looked like, tornado or straight line wind damage. A house roof blown off, porch railings, porch roofs blown into lawns, a flattened barn, many trees just snapped in half. Wow, we praised God for his protection. No wonder the lights at the house were going dim before the storm got to us. We were thankful that we hadn't lost power.

Saturday morning was filled with teaching by our guest speaker Sherlyn Smucker, Sr. Pastor's wife from the large Worship Center. We would have loved to have her for more of the week end but she is one busy lady. What a blessing she was to us! The afternoon was spent relaxing, playing games, taking walks. After returning from Walmart, we played a crazy game of Dominoes. Oh my, we laughed until we hurt!

Sunday morning after breakfast we sat and talked. Amazing fellowship with amazing women. All too soon it was time to pack up and return home. Another wonderful retreat had ended. Lots of work, lots of planning, but so worth it! I would love for more of the women at church to participate. What a wonderful way to get to know each other at a deeper level. It did this busy lady a lot of good to get away for a spell =)

Here it is, Tuesday already! The last week of April. How can that be?? And, we are not a stitch nearer to our goal of moving. Will it ever happen? Sometimes I wonder but I continue to go through our stuff. Today I will get more things washed and ready to give to Jubilee thrift store. Maybe I'll even go into the store to see if I can find another clothing bargain. New to me things in my closet this year are from thrift stores. Recently I found a Chico's tank top that I LOVE! It was $5.00 =)

Blessings to you today. I hope you are experiencing warm weather. We continue to struggle to see 60 degrees! Since the storm on Friday, it's been down right cold. The end of April and we are only seeing the beginnings of leaves on the trees. What a late spring.

Happy Tuesday!


Theresa said...

Oh it sounds like you ladies had a wonderful time. I am thankful that the storm skipped past where you were. Have a blessed week and if you want to come help me pack at my daughter's... Come on down:). Hugs

Musicaljean said...

Glad you had a chance for relaxation and fun this past weekend.

Do you have your phone pics in Picasa? I'm just curious why they aren't posting. I take almost all my pics with my phone anymore since my camera had so many issues.