Monday, February 11, 2013

Houses and Kids =)

I don't usually do this. I'm starting to write a post before I choose a title. There usually is a direction in which I wish to go.....not this time! Guess we will see where my words take's been almost a week since I posted. Guess we will start with that.

 On Wednesday evening we went to see a house. It's been listed since the end of December and was one I really wanted to see. Oh, we liked it. Really, really liked it. There are many features about this home that would fit the many people who would live in it. It's not perfect, no home is. It needs decorating to our taste. We aren't in love with the colors or the wallpaper/borders in this home. We would need to create 2 more bedrooms. The space is there to do this. The garage is very large, my Hubby could keep his workshop tools. The home is newer than anything I have lived in, ever. I like that. The kitchen isn't large but seems open enough that more than one person in it would work. There is a large family room off the kitchen which we love. The dining room is small. Not sure where we would have large family sit-down meals. I'm sure we could figure it out. I came away from this visit really wanting this home to be ours. I've been crying out to God ever since.

 We feel pressure to get our son's home sold so we can put an offer on a home. Yesterday after church, Christy had a phone call from their listing agency asking if they would be open to having their house shown to a perspective buyer that afternoon. They usually ask for a 24 hour notice but said it would be ok. Soooo, it was a hurry-up-get-the-house-ready-to-show kind of afternoon! I've not heard any feed back from the showing yet, but you can bet we are all hoping that the buyer loved it and wants to make an offer =)

 So here we are, a new week has begun. Not much happening other than the usual. Aidan and Zoe are my company today. It's a rainy, drizzly, grey day. A good day for drinking tea and reading a good book....not a chance! Too many dishes waiting to be washed and chores to be done. Speaking of which, I best get to it!

Still thinking of a title for this post.....

 Almost forgot to post a few pics from last week. Aidan and Zoe dancing to a show on Netflix...

Zoe gets ready to move.

Go Zoe =)

Aidan dances too.

Go Aidan!!
These two make my day!

(Thought of the title, which you already read, hehe!)

May your day be sunny and bright. Some days just take more effort than others, especially when the sun is safely hidden behind the clouds. I'll light a candle, I'll be making a meatloaf and the kids and I should bake something. That would be bright and sunny, don't you think?



Kimberly said...

Grey and dreary here also. I met a friend for lunch and that brightened my day. I love the kids dancing.

Anonymous said...

Praying for each of you during this time.
Sweet photos of the children.

Joanne said...

hope and pray that you will be able to have that house. Its fun to watch kids having so much fun, they sure do bring joy to ones heart. My blog goes several weeks most of the time before I write anything. used to do it almost every day but not sure what changed.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Also rainy here in VA, Doris. Nice to read that you saw a house you could work with to fit your needs. Hope some good news is heard soon. Still awaiting game for us too. Cute pics of the grands dancing.

Mary Ellen said...

I love the picture in your header. Wonderful view.
I keep you all in my prayers regarding your housing needs, the waiting is hard.
Zoe and Aidan are so cute on here. Love Zoe's dress and boots/shoes.

Theresa said...

I miss you when you are gone so long:( I pray that you all get the house situation all worked out! Let us know how the showing went! Those little ones dancing are tooooo precious! Enjoy your week dear friend, BIG HUGS!

Annmarie Pipa said...

good luck with all of this house stuff...spring will be here in no time and the market to sell and buy is always better then...soon!!!
love cute!

Musicaljean said...

That's interesting that you always write your title first! I almost always wait until I'm done and then put a title up at the end.

Oh that house does sound good. Please, Lord!!!