Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Frosty Morning

It's a  frosty morning here in Lancaster County PA.

Some sun and blue skies....for now.

 More snow is in the forecast for later today. Our snows have been light and it looks like that's what it will be again. I know some people want a big snow storm. I DO NOT! I'm ready to see some green!

It was so light at 7:00 this morning while waiting with Ellen for the school bus to arrive. We like that! Also a sign that spring is on it's way, it wasn't completely dark at 6:00 last evening. More daylight is a very good thing!

Wishing you a good day. I plan to do more laundry today and work on our bedroom. I have some things ready to donate again but I don't think they will be taken anywhere today.

I almost forgot...the house showing at my son's home on Sunday. The couple really liked the house but thought the bedrooms were small and it's not the house for their growing family. The agent had some really nice things to say about the home. She said she will keep it in mind for other clients. So, we continue to wait for the right person/family to come along who will love the home and put in an offer. (Selling is such hard work)



Kimberly said...

I heard snow too for tonight and Sunday. Here the snow melted yesterday a bit but now the sidewalks are very icy.

Enjoy your day and Happy Valentine's Day!

Theresa said...

Beautiful pictures from your frosty morning! Selling is hard work:( BUT... we will keep praying that the right family comes along JUST looking for that very home they have been praying for! Have a blessed day dear Doris! BIG HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

We have heavy frost here this morning too. I love your pics. Have fun working in your bedroom. Make sure you check out my latest post - I've added a "new" member to our Buick sisterhood.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Certainly understand the frustration your son and wife are going through waiting for the right folks to want their home - same here. But we continue to push forward working on ridding ourselves of unneeded items and organizing things we plan to take. No frosty mornings here, just damp ones this week.