Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Madness?

Not much happening around here. Not much to say. Monday madnes it is not!

 Aidan and Zoe are here today. We watched some of the Inauguration, Zoe took a nap, I read books to Aidan, they colored some pictures I printed off the Internet,  and they played with some toys that I don't always have out. In fact, I was going to take them to a thrift shop a long time ago. Not sure if I will take them or not since they do enjoy playing with them at times.

It's cold and getting colder. It's 31 now, tomorrow a high of 22 and windy, lows about 10. BRRRRR!  Will be that way for a few more days....a cover and my Kindle are calling my name =)

Tomorrow Corey and Christy have a house showing. They just re listed their home today. WOW!! In case you don't remember the significance of this......they are selling their home, we will sell our home, we will buy a home to house all of's been way over a year since this has been in the works and we are all so anxious to get on with it!

Dinner is smelling so good. It's baked spaghetti and garlic bread tonight. Zoe says she loves spaghetti but not meatballs, yuck! She makes me smile =)

Blessings to you, my friends. Stay warm!


Musicaljean said...

I went to work late so I could watch the inauguration. It was awesome, especially the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. I was in tears and wondering if Jeremy was watching. Just then I got a text from him, "Are you watching?"

Our high tomorrow is to be 14 degrees, with the real feel at minus five!! I'd love to stay home, but I need to work and I also have that much anticipated hair appointment.

Anonymous said...

Your dinner sounds delicious to me! Praying for each of you as you seek God's will in your home search.

Theresa said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me;). I bet that dinner tastes as good as it smells. Hope the houses sell and you all can live together under one roof. Enjoy your evening, stay warm dear friend. Hugs

Annmarie Pipa said...

made spaghetti tonight too...and it is soooo cold!!!
hope the showing went well...good luck with all those plans!

Mary Ellen said...

Thinking of you on these cold days, I know you hate to hear your furnace running as I hate to hear my old heat pump running. I'm hoping for warmer weather soon!