Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Monday had a few normal parts of the day and some fun, not every-day parts too.

Aidan and Zoe were part of my day as usual. Gina stayed overnight at their house so I didn't need to be there right away in the morning. That worked for me! Dale had a vacation day. Nice. Ellen's vacation from school continued. She likes that!

Two really special parts of our day -

1. We had guests.....Beatrice and Grenville of The Frog and PenguiNN blog! They are traveling, something they do frequently. They have a daughter who lives in our town. (small world) We were so blessed to have them take time to pay us a visit.  It was delightful! We were also blessed with some roasted pecans they gave us. Beatrice shelled the pecans, roasted them with sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Included on the package was a warning - Eating is addictive. Indeed, so true! Sooooo good!! Thanks, again, to my dear friends!

2. The kids decided to have a New Year's Eve party at our house last evening. They brought food. I provided some. We had lots to eat! Scott provided the means for some fun. It seemed like the adults were a bit tired so the kids did most of the action.

Paityn is singing.....
That's what they are all looking at =)
Zoe gets in on the action =)
I tried my hand at this instrument too.
Let's just say I shouldn't quit my day job!!

Brinley takes ornaments off the tree!

Aidan sings!
 They also played a Cars racing game.
Oh what fun!
We laughed so hard.
Andrew couldn't be beat.
Kim had a hilarious time with a  60's VW bus she was racing.
Aidan was doing crazy tricks with his car.
We were all awake (except for Brinley) for the dropping of the ball in NY.
Happy New Year!!
Today had a slow start. I did some cleaning upstairs. Pork and Sauerkraut is a New Years tradition here in PA Dutch country. I really wanted to go to Twin Kiss, in town, for my share of this delicious meal. My sister Mary Ellen called around 3 to tell me she had called Twin Kiss and they were sold out. WHAT?? They sold out before I got there?
I still really wanted some. Mary Ellen said she would join us if I found somewhere to go. I researched the newspaper. I called Kountry Kitchen, a small family restaurant north of town. They were open till 8 and, YES, they still had my meal! We went. Mary Ellen and I had our good luck meals. It was so good! Hubs, Gina and Ellen didn't need the luck, I guess. They had sandwiches instead =)
Tomorrow things will be back to a normal routine. I need to get back to my normal eating. Do I ever!!
Blessings, my friends! 


Musicaljean said...

Looks like so much fun! What was the game Scott brought? We don't have any electronic games.

Doris said...

Oh boy... Let's see if I can get this correct. It's a Xbox 360 or something like that. They did a dance game first then rock band. Scott has every system ever made, I think :) Paityn and Scott do lots of Daddy/ daughter time with games.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it all sounds fun, Doris! I love the photos you shared.

Theresa said...

Oh how fun! Perfect way to start the New Year! My Grands love those games! We would really have a great time if we could all play together:) Perhaps some day:) Have a blessed day dear friend! HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Doris, we too so enjoyed out visit with all of you, and the treats you have been great snacks, but we are being careful not to eat them all at once as they are also addictive. And we enjoyed sweet treats at Coleen and Paulo's. and we also had wonderful pulled pork sandwiches thanks to Paulo's cooking. So we all started the new year off right...now back to those lose weight plans as we too have "fallen off the wagon" when it came to the holidays.