Monday, January 28, 2013

A Little Snow, A Little Decorating, A Little Baking

A Little Snow -
Friday afternoon it began to snow with a vengeance. The snow caused the roads, especially the back roads, to be snow covered and slippery. We live at the bottom of a steep hill. People were taking it easy coming down the hill but some cars were having loads of trouble going up!
 It was a pretty picture on Saturday morning.

 Had I taken a picture when I first got up,
more snow would have been on the trees.

A Little decorating -
I decided it was time to put the rest of the Christmas things away on Saturday. I really didn't have Valentine decorations (not that I could find, at least!) and I'm certainly not buying anything. So I made do. This is a plan in progress...doesn't look like much yet...

A little bit of Valentine's....
but I used what I had.

A Little Baking -
It was snowing this morning when Ellen went to school. She was hoping for a delayed start but school started on time.  By the time I had to pick up Aidan at pre-school, it was raining. After we arrived home again, we watched the newest Ice Age movie. We loved it! After the movie Aidan and Zoe did some Wii Kids Dance while I cleared the sink of the dirty dishes so we could bake a chocolate cake. They made a mess while filling the cups with flour and sugar but got the job done!

They had some fun!

Wish you could hear Zoe's giggle....
it certainly is music to my ears!

Nana tells them that maybe it's not a good idea to to have that much fun while standing on chairs...

Time to make the icing for the cake and finish up dinner. It's pulled chicken sandwiches and lima beans tonight. Oh, and chocolate cake too!


Maple Lane said...

The snow is pretty but slippery road conditions are scary. These two kitchen helpers are so sweet. Your dinner sounds delicious. Have a restful evening.

Theresa said...

Oh Doris, that snow is beautiful. Your pink pretties are certainly festive for the Season. Love those little ones. Don't they make us smile? Big hugs dear friend. Stay warm.

Kimberly said...

How cute are they!!